He may be lagging in the polls and hurting in fundraising, but Jeb Bush has qualified for Hawaii’s Republican caucus next year.

CBS News reports that Bush, the former Florida governor, is the first candidate in the GOP field to secure access to the Hawaii ballot, which is set for March.

The campaign will also announce the formation of its Hawaii Leadership Committee comprised of former Congresswoman Pat Saiki, Hawaii House Rep. Barbara Marumoto, and Phil Hellreich whose wife is the current Republican national committeewoman of Hawaii,” says CBS.

Jeb Bush.
Jeb Bush. Flickr: iprimages

Marumoto is actual a former state House rep.

Meanwhile, on Friday The Hill reported that Bush, the son and brother of former presidents, “is struggling to find new sources of money and to convince fundraisers to reinvest in a campaign that is faltering and a candidate stuck in single digits in national polling.

Current polls show party outsiders Donald Trump, a businessman, and Ben Carson, a surgeon, leading in key states and nationwide.

The Hawaii GOP’s first-ever presidential caucus was held in 2012 and won easily by Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who then lost to President Obama in the fall.


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