The path seems straight up at times, and during one nerve-wracking stretch there’s nothing but air between the steps of the long abandoned railway, but at least there’s one less thing to worry about now when climbing Koko Crater in southeast Oahu’s Koko Head District Park .

Honolulu Director of Parks and Recreation Michele Nekota announced Friday that a beekeeper “successfully removed a bee infestation from the slopes of Koko Crater.”

Absolute Termite and Pest Control did the work, at a cost to taxpayers of $150.

“The bees had formed a hive within one of the old wooden support beams comprising a historical railway that leads to the summit,” according to a press release from the City and County of Honolulu. “The beekeeper was able to relocate the majority of the bees by using a bee trap, and was able to remove the hive without needing to remove any of the wooden beams.”

As for that knee-cracking ascent and equally challenging descent, the press release noted that “while access to the railway on city property is not prohibited, the city does not recommend, sanction or maintain the unofficial trail in any way.”

But oh, what a view from up there.

Looking north from atop Koko Crater.
Looking west from Koko Crater. Richard Wiens/Civil Beat

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