Landlords who want to help alleviate homelessness in veterans and others can learn more about the voucher programs available at a conference next week.

The state and city have organized the November 17 summit in partnership with the Hawaii Association of Realtors and the nonprofit Partners in Care.

Hawaii has struggled with a high rate of homelessness, particularly for veterans, in part due to its tight rental market.

Click here to sign up for the event. Or read more about rental subsidy programs that help veterans here.

US Flags at grave markers at the Hawaii State Veteran's Cemetery in Kaneohe on October 2, 2014
If Honolulu’s homeless veterans aren’t housed, they may die on the streets. If they’re lucky enough to be identified as vets by a coroner or medical examiner, they’ll be laid to rest at the Hawaii State Veteran’s Cemetery in Kaneohe, pictured above. PF Bentley/Civil Beat

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