A gallon of milk for $9.99 doesn’t sound cheap — at least until you compare it to the gallon selling for $12.29. But what about a dozen eggs for $9.07 or a small bag of quinoa for a confounding $27.99. (Some people must love quinoa.)

We’ve all faced eye-popping prices when we buy food in the islands. Now people can document such prices and share them online as part of Hawaii News Now’s newfound focus on the state’s high cost of living.

Readers are sending in photographs of things like a loaf of Hawaii Health Bread, which is selling for $7.29, and 12 rolls of Scott toilet paper for $18.69.

We welcome all attention to the high cost of living in the islands, so if you want to gawk at high prices, you can check out their high-price slideshow at Hawaii News Now

And for readers who are interested in the root causes of the high cost of living, the human impact and exploring possible solutions, check out our ongoing Living Hawaii series.

If you are interested in readers’ stories about facing off with the high prices in the islands — or perhaps want to share your own — you can go to Civil Beat’s Connections section on the cost of living. Or you can send your personal story to epape@civilbeat.com.

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