The Hawaii Department of Transportation opened a newly dedicated roadway Monday that it said that will “facilitate the efficient movement of goods through Honolulu Port facilities, while easing congestion on surface streets for the public.”

The road, called Road No. 2, will divert containerized traffic and cargo from public roads onto an internal roadway system through the Kapalama Container Terminal.

“As a result, nearly 1,600 trucks a day will no longer be on roads like Auiki Street, which will prevent traffic and save time for nearby businesses, customers and residents,” said DOT.

Road No. 2  is restricted to cargo transport only, which means that public traffic is prohibited. The new road is part of the state’s 2008 harbors modernization plan.

It’s unclear as to how they came up with the blandly named “Road No. 2,” however, or whether there is also a “Road No. 1.”

Road No. 2.
Road No. 2. Hawaii DOT

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