And then there were three.

Less than two hours after the Hawaii Republican Party announced Wednesday that Donald Trump has registered for the March 8 presidential caucus in the islands, the Hawaii Republican Assembly announced that Ted Cruz has launched a campaign here as well.

They join Jeb Bush, who was the first candidate in the GOP field to secure access to the Hawaii ballot.

Ted Cruz campaign website for Hawaii

(Note: These are the three GOP candidates that I know of who have an official presence in the islands. If there are others, please let me know. For example, there is a grassroots-effort Facebook page for Rick Santorum’s 2016 Hawaii campaign, but he is presently polling way at the back of a large pack and it’s not clear he’ll make it to March.)

The HIRA press release did not specifically say that Cruz, the senator from Texas, had officially registered for the caucus ballot. But it did say that HIRA’s vice president Marissa Kerns — formerly Marissa Capelouto, a GOP congressional candidate in 2014 — was named to lead Cruz’s 2016 presidential campaign’s “caucus strike force” in Hawaii.

There is also a website and a Facebook page for the local effort.

While the current leadership of Hawaii’s GOP supports the rapidly-declining campaign of establishment politician Jeb Bush, real Republicans in Hawaii have a much better choice in Ted Cruz,” HIRA said.

To read more about HIRA and some of its differences with the Hawaii Republican Party, click here.

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