Donald Trump has registered for the March 8 Hawaii Republican presidential caucus. 

The billionaire and current GOP frontrunner joins former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on the ballot.

The Hawaii GOP Caucuses will be held Tuesday, March 8, from 6 to 8 p.m. at dozens of voting locations statewide.

The balloting is open to Hawaii voters with photo identification who sign a GOP membership card at the polling place.

Elizabeth Santorum sign waves for the Hawaii GOP presidential caucus, hjeld March 13, 2012. day Mar 13 2012
Elizabeth Santorum (wearing the pink skirt) sign-waves on Nimitz Highway in Honolulu during the Hawaii GOP presidential caucus on 13, 2012. Chad Blair/Civil Beat

Delegates will be awarded proportionately among the competing candidates.

(For more information on the caucus, click here.)

In 2012 over 10,000 Hawaii Republicans voted in the presidential caucus, the first time the GOP had held such a contest locally. Mitt Romney won by a large margin.

Hawaii GOP Chair Fritz Rohlfing said in a press release Wednesday, “We welcome all Republican Presidential campaigns to Hawaii. We look forward to other Republican Presidential candidates competing for Hawaii’s 16 GOP Convention delegates and helping build voter turnout for the March 8 Caucuses.”

The GOP caucus in Hawaii will be held on the same day as a GOP primary in Idaho and primaries for both parties in Michigan and Mississippi.

It also comes a week after Super Tuesday, when about a dozen primaries and caucuses will be held in other states and American Samoa.

One wonders just how many Republicans — there are currently more than a dozen still running, last time I checked — will still be in the race at that time.

Meanwhile, Hawaii’s Democrats caucus March 26.

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