Even as legislation on guns fails to gain traction at the federal level, Hawaii lawmakers are considering a slew of firearms legislation.

On Wednesday a Hawaii House committee will hear a bill that requires firearms owners who have been disqualified from owning a firearm and ammunition due to mental illness “to immediately surrender” their firearms and ammunition to a chief of police.

A similar bill is set for a hearing Thursday before a state Senate committee.

That same committee is also expected to hear a measure that allows county police departments to receive notification if a new applicant granted a permit to possess a firearm is arrested for a criminal offense anywhere in the country.

Second Amendment supporters at the State Capitol on opening day of the 2016 session.
Second Amendment supporters at the State Capitol on opening day of the 2016 session. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Another measure, meanwhile, authorizes the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center to access firearm registration data.

“The Legislature finds that accurate firearm registration records and the sharing of firearm registration records between the counties are critical to ensure the safety of the community,” says the bill.

There are a half-dozen more firearms bills introduced this session, though none have yet to be scheduled for a hearing.

They include measures requiring firearms owners to obtain firearms insurance, requiring county police chiefs to adopt criteria for approval or denial of concealed weapon license applications and prohibiting a person listed in the federal Terrorist Screening Database from owning, possessing or controlling a firearm or ammunition.

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