Hawaii Dairy Farms has published a 2,607-page Environmental Impact Statement in hopes of addressing community concerns about potential water pollution from cow manure or other sources at a proposed 557-acre dairy farm on Kauai.

The organization, which is backed by Civil Beat founder and publisher Pierre Omidyar’s social investment firm Ulupono Initiative, released the statement Wednesday.

In a press release, Hawaii Dairy Farms said the statement proves the dairy would have no detrimental impact on the environment or community, and that soil quality would improve and water would be protected. The project would double statewide milk production and add up to 28 jobs on Kauai, according to the statement.

Potential adverse impacts included the construction of dairy infrastructure, manure odors within 1,700 feet of the farm and an increased number of vector insects, according to the EIS.

The project faces two lawsuits: a federal court suit filed by Friends of Mahaulepu concerning the Clean Water Act, and a suit in state court filed by Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort-affiliated Kawailoa Development, which claimed the dairy would be a nuisance.

Those interested in submitting comments on the draft EIS have until July 25 to email HDF@Group70int.com or mail a letter to Group 70 International, 925 Bethel St #500, Honolulu, HI 96813.

The farm has committed to 699 mature milking cows, but can potentially accommodate up to 2,000.
The project is planning on 699 mature milking cows, but could potentially accommodate up to 2,000. Flickr: Steven Zolneczko

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