One more sure sign that election season has come to Hawaii is on Civil Beat’s website, where we’ve begun publishing candidates’ answers to Civil Beat questionnaires.

There’s plenty more where those came from.

Nearly 200 surveys have been emailed to candidates for every Hawaii office in the Aug. 13 primary ballot. That’s no small task, since candidate paperwork filed with the state Elections Office includes telephone numbers but not email addresses.

Hawaii voters will cast their ballots Aug. 13 in the state primary. Gregory Yamamoto

Our thanks to Civil Beat part-timer Giovanni Ortega, who attempted to call all 275 or so candidates on the ballot in our quest for those email addresses.

If you’re a candidate in the primary and haven’t received a questionnaire, we probably haven’t found your email address. Please send it to

Meanwhile, that primary is just over seven weeks away. Mail-in ballots could be in voters’ hands in less than a month.

You can find our elections coverage in a number of places. Click on Elections 2016 tag near the top of our home page or go directly to the Politics section. That’s where the candidate Q&As will accumulate as well. You can also find tagged pages listed on our Archive page; it’s an easy way to search by subject matter.

And click on the Commentary section to read what our columnists and Community Voice authors have to say about politics.

For general information about the upcoming primary, check out our Hawaii Elections Guide 2016.

And for information specific to the Aug. 13 vote, go to our Hawaii Elections 2016: Primary Election Ballot. This site includes a list of all the candidates statewide, and their names will be linked to their Q&As when they’re published.

All this is in addition to our reporters’ ongoing coverage of races for offices ranging from Congress to neighbor island elections. Of course that includes the Honolulu mayor’s race, in which the incumbent mayor, a former mayor and a former congressman are among the 11 candidates.

In the meantime, enjoy the diversity of viewpoints that will be on display in those candidate Q&As.

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