Hawaii’s AG is on the hunt for Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Attorney General Doug Chin said in a press release Wednesday that his office has filed petitions to enforce judgments against Da Kine Bail Bonds and Safety National Casualty Corporation “for forfeited bail bonds those companies failed to pay” to the state.

Da Kine, whose president and director is Duane “Dog” Chapman, owes the state $35,500 from 21 separate criminal cases, says the AG.

Safety National Casualty Corporation is the surety that the AG says is obligated to pay if Da Kine defaults.

Duane, Dog, Chapman, Bounty Hunter
Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman Bounty Hunter Dog Bounty Hunter/Facebook

“Bail bond companies promise to pay us when their clients skip court,” said Chin. “Simply put, if they don’t pay we have to hunt down that money.”

The AG’s action against Da Kine and Safety comes from “a joint effort” by the Hawaii Judiciary and the AG’s office “to sue various bail bond companies in Hawaii for non-payment of forfeiture of bail bonds.”

A&E canceled the Hawaii-based “Dog the Bounty Hunter” series in 2012 after eight seasons, although it later ran in syndication.

Last I checked, the Da Kine Bail Bonds office was still on Queen Emma Street downtown.

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