The Honolulu City Council voted Wednesday to shelve a bill that would have given the position of vice chair to Joey Manahan from Kalihi instead of Ikaika Anderson from Waimanalo.

“I’m glad that this is being done today,” said Councilwoman Kymberly Pine from West Oahu. “I was very disappointed personally (with) the events that took place over the weekend.”

Last week, Anderson proposed a resolution that would have given Pine the job of vice chair. Councilman Trevor Ozawa introduced one the same day that would replace Anderson with Manahan.

Honolulu City Council Member Trevor Ozawa2
Honolulu City Councilman Trevor Ozawa contended he didn’t propose to replace Anderson with Manahan because of a personal dispute. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Before voting on the measure, Ozawa took issue with a newspaper article that noted a disagreement between Ozawa and Anderson during a recent zoning and planning committee meeting chaired by Anderson.

Ozawa left the meeting early and the hearing had to stop and resume later because there wasn’t quorum. (You can watch the meeting on Olelo here — jump to 13:20 to see what happened.)

On Wednesday, Ozawa said the leadership change wasn’t initiated due to a personal dispute and said he’s committed to “working together in a professional and respectful manner.”

“Sometimes our emotions get the best of us,” said Council Chair Ernie Martin, noting that emotions “may impose irrational behaviors on some of us.”

“Going forward, I think communication is key,” Anderson said. He urged his colleagues to talk to him directly if they have an issue with him, “rather than going through intermediaries.”

Pine noted that city taxpayers care about traffic and other issues and the Council should stay focused on problems like how to fix the city’s troubled rail project.

“We have our own world here and no one cares about this little world,” she said.

Martin didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment regarding whether Anderson would keep his position as head of the Zoning and Planning Committee. Anderson said he was unsure and referred questions to Martin.

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