The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed a measure “that seeks to bar women from being required to register for a potential military draft.”

As the Associated Press reported, “By a vote of 217 to 203 Thursday, lawmakers approved an amendment that would block the Selective Service System from using any money to change the draft registration requirements that currently apply only to young men.”

The Senate’s annual defense policy bill includes a requirement for women to sign up with the Selective Service beginning in January 2018.

US Capitol House chambers Congress1. 6 june 2016

The U.S. House chamber.

Cory Lum/Civil Beat

The AP says the House did not include a similar provision in its version of the bill.

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, a military veteran, voted against the bill along with most Democrats.

Fellow Hawaii Democrat and veteran Mark Takai was absent for the vote.

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