The Times of Israel has a recent article headlined A Small Island of Judaism in Hawaiian Politics.

“Josh Green, a Democrat and the state’s Majority Whip, is among a handful of politicians with Jewish ancestry holding office in the Pacific archipelago,” the story explains. “Perhaps Hawaii’s best known Jewish elected official is its former Republican governor, Linda Lingle, now a senior advisor to (non-Jewish) Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.”

Lingle left that job a couple of weeks ago, but no matter.

Gov. Linda Lingle

Gov. Linda Lingle

Hawaii’s current elected officials “with Jewish ties” include Democrat state Sen. Russell Ruderman and Republican incumbent Sam Slom.

“At least two other lawmakers, State Representative Nicole Lowen of Hawaii, the Big Island, and State Senator J. Kalani English of Maui, were both born to Jewish fathers,” says the Times.

U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz, a Democrat, is also identified.

“We joke and kibitz, we kid each other a little bit,” Ruderman told the newspaper. “We don’t bond specifically in a Jewish way. It’s more of a cultural identity.”

In a related development, a Times of Israel publication partner in New Jersey called the Jewish Standard published a story this week on how the Republican National Committee shut down a live chat following the convention remarks made by Lingle because it was “bombarded with anti-Semitic comments.”

Lingle spoke about “the division in Democratic leadership on support for Israel,” the paper wrote. “She contrasted it to the Republican Party’s position on the Jewish state.”

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