Planning on attending the IUCN World Conservation Congress meeting in Honolulu Sept. 1-10?

If so, you are advised to “go green.”

“Our goal is to have an event that is carbon neutral, plastic free, paper low and produces zero waste,” the group says in a press release. “We need your help to make this goal a reality.”

Hawaii Convention Center wide. 21 june 2016
The Hawaii Convention Center. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Here’s a few tips:

  • Walk, cycle and use public transportation as much as possible.
  • Clean your footwear, bicycles, vehicles and gear before and after traveling.
  • Check if your hotel has certified green credentials and support their efforts to conserve water and energy.
  • Bring your own water bottle and coffee mug. (“IUCN strongly discourages the use of single-use plastics, including water bottles and plastic bags.”)
  • Try some of Hawaii’s traditional staple foods including kalo (taro), poi (pounded taro), paiai (undiluted poi), ulu (breadfruit), uala (sweet potato), and maia (banana).
  • When ordering food at the Hawaii Convention Center, please request portion sizes adapted to your appetite. (“Leftover food will be donated to local charities.”)
  • Please use the composting and recycling stations available throughout the Hawaii Convention Center and follow the directions for proper sorting and disposal of waste.

Hmmm. Wonder how they’ll handle restrooms.

The IUCN Congress, whose theme is “Planet at the Crossroads,” is expected to gather folks from around the world.

President Barack Obama is rumored as a possible attendee, although I’m guessing he still fly gas-guzzling, carbon-non-neutral Air Force One.

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