The Hawaii State Judiciary’s website has been voted No. 1 in the National Association for Court Management’s Top 10 Court Technology Solutions Awards for 2016.

The awards, according to a press release, are given each annually to courts that make “the best use of technology” to improve court services and access to the public.

“In part, the success of the Hawaii State Judiciary’s website was due to the innovations Hawaii has used to significantly improve access to the courts — especially for self-represented litigants and those with limited English proficiency,” said the organizations Joint Technology Committee Co-Chair Kevin J. Bowling.

screen shot Hawaii State Judiciary website

He added, “Hawaii certainly includes information in more languages than the majority of U.S. courts and the website is easy to navigate. While some sites have lots of ‘bells and whistles,’ Hawaii’s website is clear, concise, and information is easy to find.”

Judges also liked community outreach information in the Hawaii State Judiciary’s YouTube Channel.

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