An employee at the Kapolei Chili’s restaurant and a Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant have been infected with hepatitis A, according to a state Department of Health press release.

Ninety-three cases have been reported on Oahu since an outbreak began.

State Epidemiologist Sarah Park said in the press release that no subsequent infections have been linked to either of the companies, and that the risk of the employees transmitting the disease is low.

The department recommends residents look into receiving a hepatitis A vaccine, immune globulin vaccine, and frequently wash their hands with soap and warm water.

Symptoms include fever, abdominal discomfort, dark urine, diarrhea and yellow skin and eyes, the department said. The disease can be spread through infected food and water, and close household or sexual contact. If symptoms are noticed, monitor your health for 50 days after exposure, the press release said.

The Chili’s worker served food on these days: July 10, 12, 14, 15-18, 20-23 and 25-27.

The Hawaiian Airlines employee served food and beverages to passengers. Here’s a list of the employee’s flight schedule for July:

The risk of the employees transmitting the disease is low, Park said.

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