Gil Riviere, a state senator representing the North Shore and Windward Oahu, said Tuesday he is backing Charles Djou for Honolulu mayor.

“I am supporting Charles Djou for Mayor because I don’t think we can afford another four years of Kirk Caldwell,” said Riviere, a Democrat. “I know everyone is exhausted on the dilemma called rail, but voters should not forget how quickly the rail project spun out of control.”

He continued: “Four years ago, Kirk Caldwell promised to build rail better; to build it on time and on budget. Less than two years ago, he still claimed the project was on budget. And then it wasn’t.”

Charles Djou and Gil Riviere.
Charles Djou and Gil Riviere. Djou for Mayor

Riviere said he thought Djou would “be more responsive to issues that are important to people in all parts of the island, and he will surely have better working relations with the City Council.”

Djou previously served as a Republican in the state Legislature and the U.S. Congress. Riviere is a former Republican who switched parties not long ago.

The race for Honolulu mayor is nonpartisan, but Djou has played up his support from prominent Democrats.

Incumbent Kirk Caldwell is a longtime Democrat who has appealed to fellow party members for his re-election.

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