Charles Djou on Tuesday unveiled how he would govern during his first 100 days, should he be elected Honolulu mayor next week.

Top priority: order a financial audit of the rail project.

“The people deserve to know how their hard-earned money was spent and how much it will cost to finish the project,” said Djou in a press release and at a press conference at his Kalihi campaign headquarters.

He continued: “In just the five months since I announced my candidacy for mayor, the price tag for the rail project has increased several times from the original $5.2 billion to $6.9 billion to now $8.6 billion and may go as high as $10.8 billion.”

Mayoral Candidate Charles Djou presser held at his campaign headquarters in Kalihi. 1 nov 2016

Mayoral candidate Charles Djou spoke at his campaign headquarters in Kalihi Tuesday.

Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Here are other to-do items high on the list:

  • Request the Legislature reverse the state skim of rail funds. (“This amounts to nearly $500 million in funds over 10 years.”)
  • Meet with the FTA and Congress to request additional federal funds. (“The current administration has asked for more federal funds three separate times and each time received the exact same response — no.”)
  • Appoint a homeless czar. (“So many non-profits want to do good, but are often stymied by the byzantine government regulations and approval process.”)
  • Restore the Community EMS Program. (“Ninety-nine percent of all people use the 911 system once every several years. But a tiny minority, disproportionately homeless, have taken to using 911 as a taxi service.”)

Djou added that his campaign is running in three things, primarily: rail, homelessness and ethics.

The candidate is trying to turn Mayor Kirk Caldwell out of office.

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