Our state’s top leader gave his support Thursday to two young men who want to make the world a better place.

Andrew Tisba and Manuel Frederick of Let’s All Connect say they are on a journey to visit all 50 states.


It’s a movement of “human connectivity” to promote peace and unity.

Doug Chin, Manuel Frederick, Gov. Ige, Andrew Tisba, Mike McCartney and a car hood. Gov. David Ige

We travelled 4772 miles all the way from #WashingtonDC with the hood of the #letsALLconnect Peace car,” says the duo’s Facebook page. “During our stop in #Florida the citizens of #Orlando transformed the car into a driving memorial honoring the 49 victims of the #Pulse shooting. We want to ask President Obama and Michelle Obama to leave their inspiring mark on the hood, as a message of #Hope and #Unity.”

Gov. David Ige’s communications staff said Tisba and Frederick were welcomed into the fifth floor offices at the Capitol. Chief of Staff Mike McCartney and Attorney General Doug Chin happened to be on hand.

Andrew Tisba and Manuel Frederick, doing their thing. Gov. David Ige

A key element to connecting is done palm to palm. Hence the photos here. The duo, who have European and Caribbean roots, are also actually carrying the hood of the car with them.

By odd coincidence, Tisba and Frederick actually met President Obama this week when he was golfing in Kapolei. But rather than hit him with the Let’s All Connect pitch then, they are working with others to reach out formally.

“We didn’t want to interrupt his vacation,” said Tisba.

The trip is paid for by families and friends, and Let’s All Connect has nonprofits in Paris and Los Angeles.

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