Every holiday that President Barack Obama and his family have spent on Oahu, a group of protesters has gathered to greet them.

The vigil began in December 2008 before he was sworn into office.

Ann Wright, a retired U.S. Army Reserve Colonel and former diplomat who resigned in opposition to the 2003 war on Iraq, is an organizer of the hui.

What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!
Col. Ann Wright, left, is one of the protest organizers. Courtesy Ann Wright

Others represent social justice organizations in Honolulu including Veterans for Peace, Hawaii Peace and Justice and World Can’t Wait.

A press release this week explained:

“President Obama has been in office on issues of importance: Continuing Israeli attacks on Gaza; Closing Guantanamo; Assassin Drones; US militarization of Asia and the Pacific; U.S. military construction at Henoko, Okinawa; Jeju Island, South Korea; Illegal Government Surveillance; Bradley Manning, and Chelsea Manning; and Ed Snowden, among many others.”

In the eight years of the protests, the Obamas have never stopped to chat.

But the Secret Service and local police are aware of the peaceful group, says the press release.

The traveling White House press corp has also occasionally recognized the vigil as the president’s convoy zooms by to transport POTUS to the gym, the links, fine dining and more.

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