We decided to bring some holiday cheer into the Civil Beat office by setting up a Christmas tree. Instead of traditional decorations, we thought we would let our readers decorate it for us.

We asked people on social media what they would want to see change in Hawaii next year, and they didn’t disappoint.

We then printed the comments people shared and placed them on our tree. Here’s some of what they wrote:

“Invest in jobs and infrastructure for the outer islands and not just Oahu.” – Denise

“I would like to see Hawaii have a more diversified economy that incentivizes research and innovation.” – Maricar

“More resources for rural schools throughout the state!!” – Hubert

“Lower cost of living for all” – Danny

“Use half the money in the tourism dept budget for beautifying our parks, beaches, and by-ways — actually hire people to take care of these treasures.” – Susanne

“Truly affordable homes for Hawaii families, especially those who were born & raised here.” – Anna

“Soap in public bathrooms. I’m a simple girl.” – Kristen

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