Honolulu officials have released a “Blaisdell Center Master Plan Feasibility Study and Conceptual Land Use Plan,” which they say calls for the Arena and Concert Hall “to be retained and renovated.”

As well, a new exhibition hall “with added features” would replace the existing one.

“The plan is the result of nearly two years of studies by a consultant team, interviews with community leaders, site users and other key stakeholders, as well as a community workshop that was attended by more than 170 participants,” says a press release this week.

Neal Blaisdell Arena outside.  27 march 2015. photograph Cory Lum/Civil Beat
The Blaisdell Arena. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

The Neal S. Blaisdell Center, named for a former Honolulu mayor, is located near downtown and is 52 years old.

“We started this process with no preconceived ideas about what would be on the site for the next 50 years,” said Mayor Kirk Caldwell. “We quickly learned that the Arena, Concert Hall and Exhibition Hall are all critical to the quality of life on Oahu and have no parallels in our community.”

The mayor continued:

“These facilities mean so much to so many people and bring back cherished memories, whether it’s the Elvis concert, graduations or sporting events. We look forward to improving the Blaisdell for many more generations of Hawaii residents.”

With a feasibility study completed, one that included public input, the city said it will “soon begin to develop a detailed site plan and supporting studies.”

More information and a copy of the report are available here

The Blaisdell complex, renovation plan

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