Fans of “Morning Café” with Gene Schiller will have to tune in to Hawaii Public Radio a half an hour earlier to hear the program’s familiar intro of tweeting birds.

They will also have to change the station.

That’s because the classical music maven’s show is moving from HPR-1 (88.1 FM in Oahu) to HPR-2 (89.3 FM in Oahu).

The change is part of a major realignment of HPR’s music, news and talk programming, one that has been years in the making and is now set for 12 a.m. Tuesday.

In essence, HPR-1 will broadcast news and information as well as contemporary music and entertainment, while HPR-2 will be home to classical music and other “timeless explorations,” as a press release teases.

“This is the fulfillment of a promise made at the station’s founding, and realized over the years through the generous contributions of many thousands of member donors and hundreds of business underwriters,” station president and general manager José A. Fajardo said in a statement Monday.

José A. Fajardo. HPR

He added, “Their support made possible the expansion of HPR’s network to include service across the Hawaiian islands — sometimes to populations in remote locations where our broadcast signal is the only one received.”

The changes are significant, too many to list here. Click here for HPR’s programming guide.

We do want to point out one important shift, however: “The Conversation” moves from 8 a.m. on HPR-2 to 11 a.m. on HPR-1.

On Thursdays, “Town Square” will run instead of “The Conversation” at that time. A repeat of the 11 a.m. shows is scheduled for 7 p.m.

Civil Beat will continue to contribute to “The Conversation.”

With recent digital developments in the medium, HPR is also streamed on the internet and available via a free mobile app.

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