(AP) — Hawaii’s interisland ferry was shut down eight years ago, but the state still owes $33 million for the costly failure.

The state auditor said Wednesday Hawaii still owes money to pay off the bonds that financed barges and ramps for the ferry.

The Hawaii Superferry ran from 2007 to 2009. It was shut down after a judge ruled the state broke the law by not completing required environmental review.

The Superferry Alakai sailed between Maui and Oahu. Flickr: Bill Sodeman

The report says Hawaii taxpayers will have paid nearly $63 million in principal and interest by 2028. It says the state’s total cost for the Superferry is $71 million, not including state salaries or attorney fees.

Meanwhile, Hawaii lawmakers are considering bringing back an interisland ferry. They approved $50,000 last year to study the possibility.

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