(AP) — Small explosions at the summit of an erupting Hawaii volcano could send ash into communities. 

Scientists say the blasts happened Monday, including one after a magnitude-5.4 earthquake. Ash expelled from the Kilauea volcano may cause poor visibility and slippery conditions for drivers.

The Big Island volcano has been erupting for more than a month, sending lava into neighborhoods from cracks in the ground and destroying hundreds of homes.

Lava from the Kilauea volcano erupts from a fissure and forms a river of lava flowing down to Kapoho on Sunday, June 10, 2018, in Pahoa, Hawaii. (AP Photo/L.E. Baskow)
Lava from the Kilauea volcano erupts from a fissure and forms a river of lava flowing down to Kapoho on Sunday. AP

A river of molten rock is flowing toward community that was wiped out last week. A fissure is shooting fountains of lava into the air, which is flowing to the ocean. Gas emissions from the vent have doubled.

Scientists warn against venturing too close to lava hitting water, saying it could expose people to dangers from flying debris.

In its latest advisory, the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency Agency said:

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that the eruption continues in the lower East Rift Zone. Fissure 8 in Leilani Estates continues to produce a large channelized flow that is entering the ocean at Kapoho and producing a large laze plume. Gas emissions from the fissure eruption and at the ocean entry continue to be very high.  The National Weather Service reports trade winds are pushing vog southwest around the southern part of the island to the Kona area.

The advisory added:

• The Department of Health recommends limiting outside activities and staying indoors if you have breathing issues. If possible, close the windows and use your air conditioner.

• Avoid the laze plume at the ocean entry.

• You can monitor latest air quality measurements through the University of Hawaii’s Vog Measurement and Prediction Project.

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