“…You have to spend so much time to figure out how the system works that I think most people don’t have or don’t take the time.”

That’s what Rep. Karl Rhoads told me during an interview about Hawaii’s pension plan. His point was that our state’s underfunded pension system may not spark an urgency to match the challenge simply because the subject is so complex.

Sound familiar?

In that spirit, I am pleased to introduce three new Civil Beat topic pages – living resources for you to get up to speed on complex issues. The hope is to circumvent exactly what Rep. Rhoads is talking about: We do the dirty digging, so that important issues don’t get lost on the wayside.

Today we have three new topic pages:

  • One on Hawaii’s pension program, otherwise known as the Employees’ Retirement System (ERS). Take a look at the retirement system that Hawaii residents pay into and most state workers depend on when they retire.
  • One on our state budget director Georgina Kawamura, the woman who oversees billions of dollars in our state treasury and a host of agencies, including the ERS, state worker health benefits, the Office of the Public Defender, and the Public Utilities Commission.
  • One on Rep. Karl Rhoads. Part of our growing list of Who’s Who.

As our coverage increases and new relevant information surfaces, we’ll continue to update these living documents. Until then, I hope you find them a useful resource.

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