It’s pretty easy to figure out where Neil Abercrombie stands when it comes to traditional blue issues.

The former congressman is predictably liberal on guns, abortion, health, immigration, civil liberties, the environment, poverty and a host of other issues.

But on at least two matters — the military and the estate tax — Abercrombie often sides with more conservative views. He has also sent mixed signals when it comes to the rights of same-sex couples.

And his record of opposing the halting of aide to Palestinian extremist group Hamas is neither red nor blue but of a radical tint.

To be sure, Neil Abercrombie is a liberal with a capital “L” who would never be mistaken for his Republican opponent, James “Duke” Aiona, in the governor’s race.

Abercrombie is pro-choice and has voted against a ban on partial-birth abortion while a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, according to his profile on,

He has also sided frequently with groups like the National Organization for Women and the American Association of University Women, says.

He cosponsored the Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2005.

He was one of only a handful of representatives not to cast a vote for or against the USA PATRIOT ACT in 2001, and he voted against its extension in 2005 because he worried about its effect on civil liberties.

In 2007 he cosponsored a bill that would have established a national health insurance program.

He votes 70 percent of the time with environmental groups and has opposed drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. says Abercrombie has supported immigration reform favored by the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

In 2007 the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law gave Abercrombie a grade of A+.

In 2009 he supported the interests of liberal lobbying group Americans for Democratic Action 100 percent of the time.

His top campaign contributors, reports, have consistently included education groups and labor unions.

Pretty liberal stuff.

But there are at least four areas where Abercrombie’s record shows a politician who holds other convictions as well: his views on the military, the estate tax, same-sex marriage and aid for Hamas.

Defending contrary positions like his opinion of the estate tax and military issues, Abercrombie told Civil Beat, “I don’t fit into categories so easily.”

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