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As part of Civil Beat‘s analysis of the 8,5001 employee salaries of the City and County of Honolulu, we had some fun and figured out the most common last names of city employees.

While the names are reflective of Hawaii’s mix of ethnicities, some emerged as more popular than others.

  1. There are a total of 10,500 city employees. The names and salaries of 2,000 police officers were not included in the salary data provided by the city. Civil Beat is in talks with the Honolulu Police Department to get that information.

Turns out, Lee is the most common last name in the city with 91 employees sharing the name. Wong takes the No. 2 spot with 83 employees having the name in common.

(Lee and Wong also were the two most common last names among University of Hawaii employees when Civil Beat did a similar analysis.)

The top 10 names, which appear on the payroll at least 31 times, are all Asian surnames. Here’s a graphic showing the 10 most popular names.

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