March 2023

March 21, 2023

Teacher Housing Has Only Been In Rural Areas, But That Could Change

Proposed legislation would fund a pilot program with locations in urban Oahu.

Hawaii AG: Imprisoned Prison Guard Shouldn’t Get His Job Back

The state says the labor board exceeded its authority and made a "clearly erroneous" decision regarding Jonathan Taum.

Senate ‘Bullies’ Are Creating Chaos At The Capitol This Year

Donovan Dela Cruz and Michelle Kidani have taken political strong-arming to an alarming level as they work to control business and financial issues, their colleagues say.

Hawaii’s Republicans Don’t Get Many Bills Passed, But They’re Playing A Long Game

The minority caucus agrees it needs more members to get things done, but there is disagreement on how to get there.

A New Recipe: This Program Puts Oahu Inmates In College Cooking Courses

Kapiolani Community College has offered courses to women at the Women's Community Correctional Facility since 2008.

March 20, 2023

Hawaii Wildfire Defense Plans Gain Federal Funds

Local plans were last updated 8 years ago.

Not Just Fuel: Red Hill Families Drank Antifreeze Too, Lawsuit Says

The Navy confirmed the presence of "icing inhibitor" in its fuel.

Danny De Gracia: Political Sunshine Can Put An End To Backroom Deals And Good Old Boys

Sometimes only an outside perspective can purge an entrenched culture of corruption.

The Collapse Of Major US Banks Leads To Bills Calling For More Regulation

What caused Silicon Valley, Signature and Silvergate to fail?

Why This Hawaii Lawmaker’s Job With A Major Construction Company Raises Concern

Rep. Micah Aiu and others say there's no conflict of interest, but the lawmaker must tread carefully in his role as a lawyer for Nan Inc.

School Councils Are Supposed To Be The Local School Boards In Hawaii. But They’re Hit Or Miss

A key part of local school oversight and parent engagement is left largely up to individual schools, with wildly varied results.

Want To Find Out More About Your Legislator? Don’t Bother With The Legislature’s Website

The Legislature's staff and tech people are working to keep legislative action and information up to date. Too bad lawmakers aren't doing their part.

March 19, 2023

Waikiki Surfers Are Still Waiting For New Surfboard Racks

The popular amenity was torched by an arsonist in 2021 and dismantled by the city.

The Sunshine Blog: Reform Momentum Continues, Reining In Pay To Play, Gifts That Keep On Giving

Short takes, outtakes, observations and other stuff you should know about public information, government accountability and ethical leadership in Hawaii.

Denby Fawcett: Queen Liliuokalani’s Royal Standard Will Be Returned To Hawaii Thanks To A $60,000 Deal

Hawaii's state archivist will bring the flag home and documents of the man who led the military forces to dethrone the queen.

Jonathan Okamura: Micronesians Are The Most Denigrated Group In Hawaii. We Need To Be More Concerned

Hawaii schools in particular need to do more to stop discrimination and bullying in on campus.

The Weekly Quiz: March 17

Test your knowledge of national and international news events with The Conversation’s weekly quiz.

John Pritchett: Sweet Deal

A city commission appointed by elected officials is proposing big salary increases for some of those very same elected officials.

March 18, 2023

Hello, Wahiawa! Civil Beat’s Pop-Up Newsroom Is Coming

Join our staff on Tuesday at the Wahiawa Public Library.

March 17, 2023

‘Forever Chemicals’ Found In Waipio Wells, BWS Says

The EPA says no amount of PFOA or PFOS is safe to consume.