February 2023

February 03, 2023

Lee Cataluna: Native Hawaiian Soccer Team Has International Aspirations

Training camps are scheduled to be held on Maui next month.

‘Eggflation’ Puts Hawaii Egg Prices On Par With Mainland Imports

Local layers are now racing to expand operations as the islands remain bird-flu free.

Want To Give Our Kids A Future? Change The Way We Tax Wealth

Enhanced revenue should come from those who can afford to pay more including large corporations and out-of-state investors.

‘Election Day Heroes’: Maui County Clerk Has Not Been An Easy Job To Fill

The council extended its recruitment process last month after getting pushback from residents.

February 02, 2023

The DOE Has A New Strategic Plan. Now Education Officials Need To Implement It

The blueprint lays out priorities including boosting math and reading skills as well as recruiting more teachers.

Deputy Prosecutor With History Of Neighbor Problems No Longer Employed By County

County officials wouldn't say why Randall Albright is no longer with the office.

FBI Arrests Ex-Punahou Coach On Child Pornography Charges

The FBI is asking potential victims to come forward.

A ‘Wealth Asset Tax’ On Hawaii’s Richest Residents Advances In The Legislature

The new tax would apply to people with a net worth of more than $20 million.

Hawaii Whale Dies With Fishing Nets, Plastic Bags In Stomach

The body of the 56-foot long, 120,000-pound whale was first noticed on a reef off Kauai on Friday.

Neal Milner: Honolulu’s Rail Is More About Incompetence Than Corruption

Officials through the years urged patience, but the problems facing the project in 1992 are still elusive.

Media Coverage Prompts Request To Move Miske Trial To The Mainland

Defense survey showed 84% of Hawaii residents polled think the alleged crime boss is guilty.

Combating Invasive Species A Priority For UH Faculty

The brown tree snake, the little fire ant, miconia and more threaten the biosecurity of Hawaii.

‘It’s Ridiculous’: Public Grows Frustrated By Lack Of Fresh Water At Popular Big Island Beach

DLNR has tried to fix the waterline at least 40 times over the past four years at Hapuna Beach.

Kā Ka Luna O DHHL: ʻAʻole E Wāwahi ʻIa Ana Ka Hoʻolālā Uku He $600 Miliona E Ka Manaʻo Hou

Ua noi hoʻi ke Komikina Home Hawaiʻi i nā kau kānāwai no ka hoʻopaneʻe ʻia ʻana o ka lā palena pau no ka uku ʻana i ke kālā nui lua ʻole i loaʻa mai ma ka makahiki 2022. 

Is Hawaii Government Effective? It’s Hard To Tell

Performance metrics from state agencies don't always get at problems people want to see addressed.

February 01, 2023

Honolulu To Pay $2.85 Million In Kealoha Corruption Lawsuit

The city has been fighting the lawsuit filed by Katherine Kealoha's family members since 2016.

US Opens Embassy In Solomon Islands To Counter China

China's bold moves in the region have the U.S. seeking to increase its engagement in a number of ways

Hawaii Lawmakers May Limit Their Own Political Fundraising

Last year, legislators banned fundraising events during legislative session. This time, they may ban campaign donations during sessions entirely.

Military Spills 700 Gallons Of Fuel Atop Sensitive Haleakala Summit

The overnight spill wasn't discovered until Monday morning.

Case Leaves Blue Dogs Behind, But Still Holds On To His Moderate Values

Internal disagreements within the centrist coalition caused a number of Democrats, including the Hawaii congressman, to move on.