July 2022

July 01, 2022

Oahu Water Chief Urges Navy To Drain Red Hill Fuel Tanks Faster

Ernie Lau called the Navy’s target date of Dec. 31, 2024, to begin defueling its underground storage facility “unacceptable.”

Grants Available To Help Maui Farmers And Ranchers Fence Out Deer

Anyone interested in the grants has until Aug. 15 to apply for up to $30,000 in assistance.

Feds Want Former Hawaii Lawmaker Who Took Bribes To Spend More Than 3 Years In Prison

But defense attorneys for former Sen. J. Kalani English are asking for a lighter sentence of 30 months.

Big Island Condo Owners Navigate Troubled Finances

An unexpected financial mess at the Elima Lani condo complex in Waikoloa Village leaves some property owners miffed and perplexed.

Candidate Q&A: Honolulu City Council District 6 — Dennis Nakasato

“Our local families cannot outbid those who are buying homes by their willingness to spend big and build big only to turn these homes into investor rentals.”

Candidate Q&A: Honolulu City Council District 6 — Traci Toguchi

“I don’t believe it is time to raise property tax rates to help meet city obligations since the pandemic continues to present uncertainty with constantly changing conditions. “

Hawaii Redistricting Pits Like-Minded Friends Against Each Other

After a decade serving neighboring House districts, Gregg Takayama and Roy Takumi vie for their new shared seat.

Eric Stinton: Kids And Teachers Love Summer Vacation, But Does It Make Sense?

Sure, summer vacations are in the American grain. But teachers, at least, could make good use of the extra time to focus and improve student achievement.

Candidate Q&A: Honolulu City Council District 6 — Chance Naʻauao-Ota

“With an uptick in violent crime I find myself worrying about my family, the people I work with at the YMCA, even my neighbors.”

Candidate Q&A: Honolulu City Council District 6 — Chad Wolke

“The biggest issues facing Oahu are lack of accountability, inefficiency and blatant corruption in our government.”

Candidate Q&A: Honolulu City Council District 6 — Nalani Jenkins

“As public servants, the safety of our citizens must be our No. 1 priority.”

June 2022

June 30, 2022

Ige Appoints New PUC Chairman

Leodoloff “Leo” R. Asuncion Jr. will replace outgoing Public Utilities Chairman Jay Griffin at the helm of the regulatory agency.

Red Hill Investigations: The Navy Failed To Prevent And Respond To Fuel Contamination

The commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet said Oahu residents were right to believe Red Hill was unsafe.

Hu Honua Attorneys Appeal To Hawaii Supreme Court

Honua Ola Bioenergy is asking the high court to vacate and reverse a Public Utilities Commission decision that blocks the Big Island plant from operating.

Candidate Q&A: Maui County Mayor — Alana Kay

“We need an administration that understands island hydrology (the way the water flows) and everything we do needs to be done in harmony with it.”

Candidate Q&A: Maui County Mayor — Mike Victorino

“Maui County is a community first and a visitor destination second. We lost that balance, and it’s time to restore it.”

The Cost Of Police Misconduct: Honolulu Spent Over $18 Million In Legal Settlements

Meanwhile, the officers involved in the cases have faced mixed consequences.

Candidate Q&A: Maui County Mayor — Mike Molina

“It makes more sense to prioritize developing housing for working families before developing new hotels and other visitor accommodations.”

Candidate Q&A: Maui County Mayor — Kelly King

“We now have multiple projects in South Maui targeting the lowest-income brackets.”

Hoʻopili Kekahi Alahele Kapakai I Kēia Mau Mea Maʻi I Ka Hoʻomaʻemaʻe Koko ʻIa ʻAna. Hiki I Ka Hoʻohuli Aniau Ke Hoʻopilikia I Kēlā

Ua paʻakikī ʻē ka hele ʻana i ka hoʻomaʻemaʻe koko ʻia ʻana no kekahi mau kupa kuaʻāina. Kuhi ʻia, e hoʻopilikia ana ka piʻi ʻilikai i kēia mau mea.