May 2010

May 01, 2010

Are Honolulu Rail Job Projections On the Right Track?

There's no agreement on how many jobs the city's rail system will create, but administration projections are actually lower than formula used by federal government and industry group.

Nonprofits Can’t Escape GET, Despite “Tax-Exempt” Status

Hawaii donors may think their entire contribution goes to their favorite charity, but unlike in the rest of the country, state and local governments take a cut.

April 2010

April 29, 2010

How Hawaii Could Have Avoided Furlough Fridays Embarrassment

Decision in 2009 not to try longer school days or pay cuts gave state the nation's shortest school year.

Taxes and Rail Can Make for a Rocky Relationship

Holding the line on budget not easy on projects as big or complicated as rail, but Honolulu administration confident it's on track.

April 28, 2010

Legislature increases salary caps for education leadership

The House and Senate passed a law Tuesday that would raise the maximum salary for the…

Voters to Decide Whether Hawaii Governor Appoints Board of Education

Hawaii lawmakers have passed a constitutional amendment proposal that would mandate an appointed Hawaii State Board…

The High Cost of Saving Money with Furlough Fridays

While the state saves millions by closing its schools, it's harder to calculate the cost to students.

April 27, 2010

Teachers Can’t Legally Work on Furlough Days, Union Says

The Hawaii State Teachers Association said it would be illegal for teachers to break their union contracts by working —…

Implications of Turtle Bay ruling are both narrow and wide

A recent Hawaii Supreme Court decision requiring the owner of the North Shore resort to restudy the impacts of its expansion plans was a victory for conservationists.

April 26, 2010

Student achievement, not Furlough Fridays, the deeper issue

The length of Hawaii’s school year has become a hot-button topic since the introduction of Furlough Fridays…

Is Hawaii helped by uncontested elections?

Dan Inouye has been virtually unopposed in his lengthy career in the U.S. Senate. Even in his…

Lingle Asks Teachers to Return to Work Without Pay

Gov. Linda Lingle on Sunday asked teachers to return to their classrooms without pay for the remainder…

Impacts of Turtle Bay ruling clear for resort, unclear for Hawaii

The implications of the Hawaii Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of the Oahu resort, outlined in today’s article,…

April 24, 2010

A pricey pass-through

I’m working on an article about the city’s proposed rail budget, and a challenging aspect of understanding the details is…

Don’t Forget TheBus

With all the talk about rail, how the proposed system connects to TheBus is a critical issue. Not only will…

Los Angeles Rail — A mayor’s support

Mayor Mufi Hannemann is not alone when it comes to backing major rail projects that could mean…

Should I buy or should I rent? And should the feds help?

Hawaii is the least affordable state in the nation for renters, the National Low Income Housing Coalition reported April…

Committee approves $67 million to try to end Furlough Fridays

Late Friday night, negotiators from the House and Senate reached an agreement that, if approved by the Legislature, could reduce…

Coming Soon: More School Days? Money to Pay for Them Still in the Air

Taking Hawaii one step closer to educational reform, a Legislative committee today passed a bill onto the House and…

For the Homeless in Parks: No Tents, No Shopping Carts, No Arrests

Member Kazuyo Takagi responded to my post this morning about the homeless sleeping under tarps instead of in…