June 2010

June 30, 2010

Harsh? Who Me? Holding Mirror to Star-Advertiser

Now that Honolulu has just one newspaper, its reporters carry a heavier burden to get things right and its editors have a greater responsibility to publish a wide range of voices and opinions, especially those critical of its stances.

UPDATE: Poll Says Dems Will Win Governor’s Race

Abercrombie and Hannemann both would beat Republican Aiona in November. Sept. 18 primary will determine Dem candidate.

The Ticker: Money Stories From Around the Web for Wednesday, June 30

Across our screens today: Gov. Linda Lingle appropriates $140,000 for a training program that will help address a physician…

Education Links for Wednesday, June 30

Every weekday I’m sharing the morning’s top education stories. Today: D.C. teachers are officially locked into a contract that offers…

UPDATE: First Hawaiian Bank Has No Position On Civil Unions

Still more fallout on Hawaii Business Roundtable's opposition to House Bill 444, as another executive committee member backs away from divisive stance. Move comes less than a week before Gov. Lingle decides whether to sign controversial legislation.

Hawaii Links for Wednesday, June 30

A Hawaii first in Congress, a possible ballot question on Honolulu ethics, and $3 million to fix Hilo’s aging airport.

Land Links for Wednesday, June 30

Every day, I’m scouring the Internet for land use and environmental news from around the state and around the world…

GOP: Hannemann’s Homelessness Record ‘Abysmal’

Leading Republicans take Honolulu mayor to task for coming "four years late" to the homeless crisis. But Hannemann, a Democrat running for governor, defends actions at city-sponsored forum Tuesday. Mayor says evacuations from parks were "well-intentioned" but "misunderstood."

Gov. Lingle Ends Junior Kindergartens

Gov. Lingle signed two education bills today. One closes Hawaii's junior kindergarten program and the other tightens reporting requirements for state teacher standards board.

Land Use: A Right or a Privilege?

Proponents of small government gathered Tuesday to discuss the failings of the state's land use policy. A UH law professor, a retired planning professor and a Cato Institute fellow argued that the state has too many rules, which drive up costs and make development too difficult.

The Story of Electric Cars in Hawaii

The state is considered ideal for electric vehicles because the size of the islands limits driving distances and it has some of the highest gas prices in the nation.

June 29, 2010

Grand Vision, Big Questions for Oahu Electric Car Plant

A grand plan is emerging for Hawaii’s first electric car plant. The price tag: $50 million. The location: 30 acres…

The Ticker: Money Stories From Around the Web for Tuesday, June 29

Across our screens today: What’s the best way to spend your vacation? There’s actually an answer, according to some science…

Union Battle Brewing Over Hotel Worker Contracts

When 500 union hotel workers rallied June 9 outside the Hyatt Regency Waikiki, it made for great visuals. Wearing red…

Hawaii Part of Huge U.S. Push by CT&T

The South Korean electric carmaker that is planning to open a manufacturing and sales operation on Oahu by the end…

Land Links for Tuesday, June 29

Every day, I’m scouring the Internet for land use and environmental news from around the state and around the world…

Education Links for Tuesday, June 29

Every weekday I’m reading and sharing what catches my eye in the morning’s education news. Today: Congress introduced a bill…

Hawaii Links for Tuesday, June 29

Top of mind: Another union endorsement, OHA's unveils radio show, and Duke Aiona turns 55.

Vacation Rentals Turn Kauai Neighborhoods Into Resorts

WAINIHA — Past the idyllic surf haven of Hanalei town, Kauai’s two-lane highway winds and dips before it stops abruptly…

New Top Administrator for State Pension Fund

Hawaii’s state pension system has a familiar face to serve as its newest top administrator. Current Assistant Administrator Wesley…