June 2022

June 30, 2022

‘It’s All Connected’: Hawaii’s First Large-Scale Food Waste Composter Touts A Host Of Benefits

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and partners launched a composting operation in Waimanalo that they hope will revolutionize the way Oahu disposes of food waste.

Neal Milner: The Ways Governments Disempower People And How They Resist

Three stories show the range of tactics that those in power use to silence critics and those they prefer to ignore. But there are forums for fighting back.

Candidate Q&A: Maui County Mayor — Richard Bissen

“If we want to transition to a different economic model, we need to invest in those alternative industries before deciding how to limit our hotel and lodging options so that we do not negatively impact those whose jobs rely on them.”

June 29, 2022

Top Hawaii Governor Candidates Exchange Shots At Forum

Particularly sharp exchanges between Josh Green and Kai Kahele suggest this campaign season will be a scrappy spectacle.

Tougher Campaign Finance Laws Top Standards Commission Agenda

The proposals come in the wake of high-profile bribery charges against elected officials.

Honolulu’s New Police Chief Promises ‘Enduring Change’ During Swearing-In

Joe Logan took the oath of office during a formal ceremony held about two weeks after he was privately sworn-in.

Candidate Q&A: Kauai Mayor — Megeso-William Denis

“Kauai is a sustainable, sovereign and self-sufficient island that needs to turn its focus inside, not outside, and take care of all local needs first.”

Honolulu Liquor Commission Run Amok? Bar Owners Complaints Are Leading To Change

Bar owners struggled amidst strict restrictions during the pandemic. Now they hope city officials can implement reforms to the Honolulu Liquor Commission.

Here’s What We Know — And Don’t Know — About The Impact Of Masks On Little Kids

Early research suggests that parental stress has more of an impact on childhood development and wellbeing than whether kids are wearing masks.

Air Guard Troops Doing Space Missions Face Identity Crisis

More than 1,000 Air National Guard citizen-airmen are performing space jobs in Hawaii, Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, New York, Ohio and Guam.

This Hawaiian Language Class Is Reaching Students On The Mainland To New Zealand

For many, Hawaiian immersion education is geographically out-of-reach. A new virtual learning platform aims to make it more accessible.

Candidate Q&A: Kauai Mayor — Mitch McPeek

“Oahu could care less about us and we could care less about them. So it’s no surprise we get little concern. We like it that way. So in return, just leave us alone!”

Candidate Q&A: Kauai County Council — Fern Holland

“I think we need to continue with development projects like Lima Ola affordable housing project and support the development of additional family units and rentals on existing properties.”

Saving Endemic Hawaiian Snails Is A Moral imperative

The most compelling argument for the de-extinction of any species is the return of the ecosystem services they provide.

Candidate Q&A: Kauai County Council — Addison Bulosan

“My focus would be to help local families build on their own property by creating incentives and reducing the financial barriers for additional dwelling units and rental units.”

Candidate Q&A: Kauai County Council — Bernard Carvalho

“We need to assure that broadband opportunities reach all areas of our island.”

June 28, 2022

Resolution To Acquire Maui Monster House Passes Committee

The eminent domain resolution now moves to the full County Council for consideration at its July 15 meeting.

Candidate Q&A: Kauai County Council — KipuKai Kuali’i

“I would like to see our county work with our state to go after federal infrastructure dollars to invest in helping our homeowners with converting to septic or hooking up to our sewer where possible.”

Candidate Q&A: Kauai County Council — Luke Evslin

“The root of our traffic problem is that Lihue has the majority of jobs on Kauai, but only a quarter of the island’s housing.”

State Rules Make It Harder To Open Dialysis Centers In Hawaii

More states are lifting or reforming regulations governing the opening of new dialysis facilities.