September 2022

September 28, 2022

Taxpayers To Cover Legal Expenses For Honolulu Police Officers Involved In Makaha Crash

Commissioners made no conclusions on accusations that the officers caused and fled the scene of a car crash but said state law mandates that they deserve legal representation.

Rising Prices, Increasing Poverty, Slowing Job Growth: Hawaii’s Economy Faces Grim Times

Among those facing higher costs are Oahu utility customers whose October bills could show more cost increases on top of a dramatic rise over the past year.

September 27, 2022

Ex-Hawaii Contractor Pleads Guilty To Making Illegal Donations To US Sen. Susan Collins

The hearing came about three weeks after Martin Kao admitted to obtaining more than $12.8 million in pandemic relief loans under false pretenses in a separate case.

Hawaii Fines Navy $8.7 Million For Sewage Leakage Near Pearl Harbor

The health department wants to prevent a “potential catastrophic failure” of the wastewater facility, an official said.

Candidate Q&A: State House District 44 — Darius Kila

“I want to be able to offer every Hawaii high school graduate the ability to attend a local vocational or community college — regardless of a person’s ability to pay.”

Candidate Q&A: State House District 43 — Kanani Souza

“Having a Legislature that is overwhelmingly Democrat does not allow for healthy debate and dissent, which is necessary to create the best policies and laws.”

Candidate Q&A: State House District 42 — Sharon Har

“While families moved to West Oahu at the behest of government, the necessary planning and infrastructure was slow to follow.”

Candidate Q&A: State House District 39 — Corey Rosenlee

“I support universal preschool, fully funding our public education system, and joining the eight other states who have made college tuition-free.”

Candidate Q&A: State House District 38 — Marilyn Lee

“I believe that the aerospace industry needs to be encouraged and this is a great opportunity for all those STEM students to look for in the future. How about space tourism?”

Honolulu City Council Puts Controversial Land-Use Bill On Hold Amid Criticism

The city’s Department of Planning and Permitting says it needs to review the measure after complaints from property owners about potentially disastrous effects on businesses.

Former TV Anchor And Longtime Activist Face Off In Rural Oahu Senate Race

The candidates, one a current Republican and the other a former Republican, want to prioritize agriculture and cost of living in Oahu’s largest Senate district.

Hawaii Has A Shortage Of School Psychologists. National Research Says That’s A Problem

Students in Hawaii were struggling with mental health challenges long before the pandemic, but the state has few school psychologists to help address their needs.

Newly Unsealed Documents In Miske Case Tell A Grisly Tale Of Kidnap, Torture And Murder

A federal judge recently ordered prosecutors to make public dozens of search warrants and other documents in the conspiracy and murder trial of alleged crime boss Mike Miske.

September 26, 2022

Honolulu Council Race: Candidates Vie To Represent Pearl City After Close Primary

Voters will choose between a veteran of Democratic politics in Hawaii and a newer Republican state lawmaker. 

Russia Gives Citizenship To Ex-Hawaii NSA Contractor Edward Snowden

U.S. intelligence officials have accused him of putting U.S. personnel at risk and damaging national security. He currently faces charges in the United States that could result in decades in prison.

Candidate Q&A: State House District 36 — Rachele Lamosao

“I believe affordable housing and tax relief for working families are the most impactful ways to ease the burden on our Waipahu families.”

Candidate Q&A: State House District 34 — Theodene Allen

“If I could reinvent Hawaii, I would encourage focus on faith and family first. As a result, I would bring prayer back in schools.”

Candidate Q&A: State House District 30 — Sonny Ganaden

“Workers should own hotels as cooperatives. Workers themselves should be the majority stockholders in the visitor industry here on the islands.”

Candidate Q&A: State House District 29 — John Mizuno

“We must reinvest in our top economic driver for the state while protecting our resources and environment for our local families.”

Candidate Q&A: State House District 29 — Carole Kauhiwai Kaapu

“When we reduce the cost of living and business regulations, we encourage young entrepreneurs to stay in Hawaii and build their businesses here.”