Civil Beat Staff

April Estrellon

April Estrellon is Civil Beat’s multimedia producer creating and editing audio, video, graphics and animation for the website. She also produces Civil Beat’s award winning Offshore podcast and weekly episodes of Pod Squad.

April has degrees in journalism and anthropology from the University of Hawaii Manoa. She once had dreams of being an archaeologist, but soon realized that it’s nothing like Indiana Jones and that she prefers telling stories to digging and lab work.

April is often glued to her headphones, but you can get her attention by emailing her at

December 2018

Tuesday, December 18

Pod Squad: CB’s Wayfinder Peddles His Views On Pedaling

Monday, December 10

Pod Squad: Honolulu Rail CEO Promises Passenger Service In 2020

November 2018

Monday, November 26

Pod Squad: Meet Hawaii’s New GOP State Rep

Monday, November 19

Pod Squad: Have You Tried A Biki Yet?

Tuesday, November 13

Pod Squad: To Build A Better Hawaii

October 2018

Monday, October 29

Pod Squad: Hawaii Democratic Leader Talks About ‘Healing The Party’

Friday, October 26

VIDEO: 9 Questions For David Ige And Andria Tupola

Tuesday, October 23

Hawaii Civics 101: What’s A ConCon?

Monday, October 1

Pod Squad: Teachers Union Leader Makes Case For ConAm

September 2018

Monday, September 17

Pod Squad: Gene Ward On ‘Broken Promises’ For Hawaiians

Monday, September 10

Pod Squad: Why We Should Stop Punishing Drug Users

August 2018

Friday, August 31

Pod Squad: House Speaker Talks About Disaster Relief For Counties

Monday, August 20

Hawaii Civics 101: Neighborhood Boards

July 2018

Monday, July 30

Hawaii Civics 101: Independent Candidates

Pod Squad: Why Ed Case Wants To Go Back To DC

Friday, July 27

VIDEO: Hey It’s Shark Week — And Here’s The Shark’s View Of Things

Monday, July 23

Pod Squad: Why Kim Coco Iwamoto Is Running For LG

Friday, July 6

Hawaii Civics 101: Lieutenant Governor

June 2018

Wednesday, June 27

New! Hawaii Civics 101: Office of Hawaiian Affairs

On Campus: Here’s What Happens When Kids Do The Podcast

May 2018

Monday, May 28

On Campus: A Culture of Collaboration

Monday, May 7

Pod Squad: What’s Next For Medical Aid In Dying?

April 2018

Monday, April 16

Pod Squad: Ravi Shankar Talks Peace And Happiness In Honolulu

March 2018

Tuesday, March 27

Pod Squad: AARP’s National President Backs A Retirement Savings Board

Monday, March 19

Pod Squad: Getting Guns Out Of The Wrong Hands

Monday, March 5

Pod Squad: Rep. John Mizuno Calls Medical Aid In Dying A ‘Civil Right’

February 2018

Monday, February 26

Pod Squad: Henk Rogers Makes The Case For The Thirty Meter Telescope

Tuesday, February 20

Pod Squad: Kauai Mayor Carvalho — Politician, Musician, LG?

Monday, February 12

Pod Squad: Why Republican Andria Tupola Wants To Be Governor

Monday, February 5

Pod Squad: Changes Ahead For Public Education TV Channels

January 2018

Monday, January 29

Pod Squad: Blue Planet’s Agenda For Legislature And Beyond

Tuesday, January 16

Pod Squad: Why Doug Chin Wants To Be Our Congressman