Civil Beat Staff

April Estrellon

April Estrellon is Civil Beat’s multimedia producer creating and editing audio, video, graphics and animation for the website. She also produces Civil Beat’s award winning Offshore podcast and weekly episodes of Pod Squad.

April has degrees in journalism and anthropology from the University of Hawaii Manoa. She once had dreams of being an archaeologist, but soon realized that it’s nothing like Indiana Jones and that she prefers telling stories to digging and lab work.

April is often glued to her headphones, but you can get her attention by emailing her at

July 2019

Monday, July 15

Pod Squad: Meet AARP’s New Volunteer State President

Monday, July 1

Pod Squad: Why The US Supreme Court’s Gerrymandering Decision Is So Important

May 2019

Friday, May 31

Podcast: Our Journey To The Last Wild Place

Friday, May 24

Podcast: Is The Kealoha Trial An Us Vs. Them Thing?

Monday, May 20

Pod Squad: Kahi Mohala Helps Kids Facing A Mental Health Crisis

Monday, May 13

Podcast: The Kealohas And The Feds Finally Meet In Court

Friday, May 10

Pod Squad: Climate Change Meets The Arts

April 2019

Monday, April 29

Pod Squad: Meeting Trump’s Immigration Policies With ‘ Resistance and Resilience’

Thursday, April 11

VIDEO: What Is A Carbon Tax?

Monday, April 8

Pod Squad: Save Our Sharks

Monday, April 1

Pod Squad: Helping Men In Their Crucial First Weeks Out Of Prison

March 2019

Monday, March 25

Pod Squad: Hawaii’s ‘Vaping Epidemic’

Tuesday, March 19

Pod Squad: Trevor Ozawa — ‘I Bring An Independent Voice To This Community’

Monday, March 18

Pod Squad: Tommy Waters Says Homelessness Is The Issue In Council Race

Monday, March 11

Pod Squad: Speaking Up For The State Senate

Monday, March 4

Pod Squad: When You’re Not In A Union, There’s A Retirement Crisis

February 2019

Monday, February 25

Pod Squad: Got A Tip On A Crime? Call This Guy

Tuesday, February 19

Pod Squad: Kai Kahele Is Already Running For Congress. Here’s Why

Monday, February 11

Pod Squad: In Hawaii, Men Still Earn More Than Women

Monday, February 4

Pod Squad: Why Does Hawaii Have So Many People Behind Bars?

January 2019

Wednesday, January 16

Pod Squad: The Social Enterprise Of Breadfruit Ice Cream

Monday, January 7

Pod Squad: Teaching Theater In The Marshall Islands