Civil Beat Staff

Chad Blair

Chad Blair has been a writer, editor and teacher in Honolulu for more than 25 years. His job as reporter and editor is to cover Hawaii, especially how political decisions impact people and communities.

Chad has worked as a journalist for Pacific Business News, Hawaii Public Radio and Honolulu Weekly. He has taught at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu Community College, Hawaii Pacific University and Chaminade University of Honolulu.

A “military brat,” Chad was born on an Army base in Alabama and later lived with his family in Germany, Illinois, Nebraska and Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, where he edited the school newspaper. He also minored in Spanish and studied for a semester in Mexico.

Chad worked for a year on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, where he tracked satellites for the U.S. Air Force/NORAD. He then earned a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in American studies from UH Manoa. His dissertation, “Democracy in Hawaii: Class, Race and Gender in Local Politics” (1996), was published as “Money, Color and Sex in Hawaii Politics” (Mutual Publishing; 1998).

You can reach him by email at or follow him on Twitter at @chadblairCB.

December 2010

Thursday, December 30

Stories From The Hawaii Beat – 2010 Recycled

Critical Audit Could Spur Hawaii Prison Reform

Wednesday, December 29

Capitol Watch: Dec. 30

Pinching the Power of Dan’s Purse

Tuesday, December 28

Capitol Watch: Dec. 29

Monday, December 27

Capitol Watch: Dec. 28

Sunday, December 26

Capitol Watch: Dec. 27

Wednesday, December 22

Capitol Watch: Dec. 23

The State of OHA: ‘E Hiki No Kakou!’

Capitol Watch: Dec. 22

Monday, December 20

Abercrombie’s New Day Runs into Budget Sinkhole

Capitol Watch: Dec. 21

Sunday, December 19

David Louie Named Attorney General

Saturday, December 18

Capitol Watch: Dec. 18

Friday, December 17

Capitol Watch: Dec. 20

Capitol Watch: Dec. 17

Thursday, December 16

Capitol Watch: Dec. 16

Gov: ‘Bring All Prisoners Back’ From Mainland

Tuesday, December 14

Capitol Watch: Dec. 15

Monday, December 13

Capitol Watch: Dec. 14

Capitol Watch: Dec. 13

Friday, December 10

Capitol Watch: Dec. 10

Thursday, December 9

Ethics Commission Gives Senators OK for Taiwan Trip

House Reps Attack Speaker, Call for New Leadership

Wednesday, December 8

Capitol Watch: Dec. 9

The AAA Team: Amy, Andrew and Abercrombie

Capitol Watch: Dec. 8

Tuesday, December 7

On Abercrombie’s First Day, Everything Old Seemed New Again

Sunday, December 5

Dissecting Abercrombie’s ‘New Day’

Capitol Watch, Dec. 6: Live Blogging the Inauguration of Neil Abercrombie

Capitol Watch: Dec. 4

Friday, December 3

Capitol Watch: Dec. 7

Thursday, December 2

Capitol Watch: Dec. 3

Wednesday, December 1

Capitol Watch: Dec. 2

Abercrombie Will Have Exceptional Power

Duke Aiona’s Transformation: ‘Praying at the Government Gate’

November 2010

Tuesday, November 30

Capitol Watch: Dec. 1

A Radical Appointment

Monday, November 29

Capitol Watch: Nov. 30

Capitol Watch: Nov. 29

Tuesday, November 23

Capitol Watch: Nov. 23

Portrait of a Governor

Monday, November 22

Fall of the House of Say?

Saturday, November 20

Capitol Watch: Nov. 22

Friday, November 19

Capitol Watch: Nov. 19

Thursday, November 18

Capitol Watch: Nov. 18

Tuesday, November 16

Capitol Watch: Nov. 16

Friday, November 12

Capitol Watch: Nov. 12

Thursday, November 11

Capitol Watch: Nov. 11

Ashamed of Hawaii in London

Wednesday, November 10

Capitol Watch: Nov. 10

Tuesday, November 9

Capitol Watch: Nov. 9, 2010

Saturday, November 6

Gov Watch: Nov. 8, 2010

Friday, November 5

Elections Dim Outlook of Akaka Bill — and Akaka?

Wednesday, November 3

Hawaii Election Observations

Discussion: Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie

Monday, November 1

Transition Hawaii

October 2010

Friday, October 29

Where’s Lingle?

Thursday, October 28

A Prayer Night for Politicians

Democratic Legislator Endorses Aiona

Tuesday, October 26

Where Neil, Brian, Duke and Lynn Get Their Money

Abercrombie’s Crowning Victory

Same Old Legislature?

It’s Good To Be Dan Inouye

Saturday, October 23

Aiona Would Hold Office Prayers as Governor

Living on the Wire With KITV

Thursday, October 21

Aiona, God and State

Aiona Says He’s Victim of “Despicable Attacks”

Wednesday, October 20

Canvassing the Garden Isle

Garden Variety: Kauai’s Gov-Lt. Gov. Debate

Monday, October 18

Surprise! Equality Hawaii Likes Pro-Civil Union Candidates

Djou: ‘I Am Not a Member of the Tea Party’

Friday, October 15

The Spiritual Life — and Trials — of Neil Abercrombie

Q&A With Brian Schatz

Q&A With Lynn Finnegan

Q&A With Duke Aiona

Q&A With Neil Abercrombie

Around the Kitchen Table with Neil, Duke, Charles and Colleen

Thursday, October 14

News Flash: Sam Slom Endorses Sam Slom

Wednesday, October 13

OHA Debate: Neil Says Act Now on Akaka Bill, Duke Says Wait for New Congress

Hooser: Aiona a ‘Right Wing Religious Zealot’

Monday, October 11

Spending the Weekend With Duke and Neil

Saturday, October 9

Aiona’s Shades of Blue

Aiona’s Shades of Blue: The Akaka Bill

Aiona’s Shades of Blue: Helping the Homeless

Aiona’s Shades of Blue: Energy and Sustainability

Aiona’s Shades of Blue: Healthy Lifestyles

Abercrombie’s Shades of Red

Abercrombie’s Shades of Red: Congressional Radical?

Abercrombie’s Shades of Red: Same-Sex Marriage

Abercrombie’s Shades of Red: The Estate Tax

Abercrombie’s Shades of Red: The Military

Friday, October 8

Neil + Brian = Bromance

Wednesday, October 6

God Bless These Candidates

Radio Daze: The Gubernatorial Broadcast Debate

Tuesday, October 5

Aiona: We Have Three Candidates Running for Governor

Duke Compares Plans, Neil Plans For Plan

Akaka Bill Still Alive?

Monday, October 4

City Parks Named After the Living Back on the Table

Keeping Up @MufiHannemann

Friday, October 1

Urban Zones Proposed to Keep Sidewalks Clear of Homeless

Akaka Bill Pau Already?

September 2010

Thursday, September 30

Gov Rivals Have Healthy Exchange Over Health Care


Wednesday, September 29

Discussion: Criminal Justice and Prisons

Criminal Injustice for Native Hawaiians

Tuesday, September 28

Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

Monday, September 27

City Council to Homeless: Get Off Our Sidewalks!

Duke ‘n Lynn Firing on All Pistons

Friday, September 24

Utah and Four-Day Workweeks

Sticker Shock at Duke’s HQ

Thursday, September 23

Duke Calls for ‘Aloha Thursday’ for State Employees

Wednesday, September 22

Big Men For a Little Guy

Free Roger Christie!

Civil Unions a Primary Winner

Tuesday, September 21

So Long, Farewell, Give Me Money

Duke vs. Neil: Compare and Decide

Sunday, September 19

Mufi = Neil = Love

Friday, September 17

Only One Incumbent Loses Legislative Seat

Abercrombie Rolls Over Hannemann

Mufi’s Tweet to the Finish Line

Thursday, September 16

Where Neil Got His Money, Part 3

Wednesday, September 15

Canvassing the Valley Isle

Tuesday, September 14

The Last Round: Mufi vs. Neil on Maui

Mufi Tries to Get His Mojo Back

Sunday, September 12

Aiona Takes Personal Time

Saturday, September 11

John Carroll, $929 and the Media

Friday, September 10

The John Mizuno Show

Where Mufi and Neil Get Their Money, Part 2

Thursday, September 9

God and Hawaii Politics

Wednesday, September 8

The Personal Is Political

Tuesday, September 7

Family Fun Day With Duke … on Sept. 11?

Monday, September 6

Discussion: Voting in Hawaii

Saturday, September 4

Lt. Gov. Prospects to Talk Education at UH

Absentee Ballots Confusing on Their Face

Venture Capital Associations Duel Over Mufi and Neil

Friday, September 3

Are You There GOP? It’s Me, Chad

Thursday, September 2

Giving It Up for the CJ

Banner Campaign for Aiona Runs on Politico

Caldwell Follows Previous Mayor’s PR Habit

Wednesday, September 1

Hawaii Family Forum Welcomes New Director

Mufi Camp Removes ‘Compare and Decide’ Flier from Website

Duke, Jonah, Mufi and God

August 2010

Tuesday, August 31

Mufi’s ‘Compare and Decide’ Flier still on the Web

Lightning Round: The Governor Debate

Following the Gov Debate, in 140 Characters or Less

The Committee to Save Hawaii

Friday, August 27

Canvassing the Big Island’s West Side

The Familiar and the Fresh From Mufi and Neil

Wednesday, August 25

Business Exec Disavows Anti-Mufi Letter As Forgery

Gov Candidates Pitch Housing, Homeless Plans

Fifth Floor Diplomacy From Duke, Mufi ‘n’ Neil

Tuesday, August 24

Aiona: 99 Percent of State’s Businesses are Small

Friday, August 20

Hannemann = Aiona in Hawaii Family Forum Survey

Sunday in Moiliili With Dan

Gov Wannabes Want Business Climate Change

Thursday, August 19

Abercrombie’s Vision Thing

Monday, August 16

Mufi vs. Neil: The Second Bloody Round

Thursday, August 12

Style, Leadership Differences Emerge in Gov Debate

Wednesday, August 11

Accounting for Hawaii’s Shanghai Trip

HGEA: ‘Working Together’ for Mufi, Kirk and Brian

Sunday, August 8

Giving It Up for the Boss

Saturday, August 7

Where Mufi and Neil Get Their Money

Friday, August 6

State Senate Shoots Down Leonard Nomination

The Votes Are Against Leonard

Thursday, August 5

Senate Judiciary Votes 4-1 Against Leonard Nomination

Wednesday, August 4

Leonard Nomination Awaits Senate Action

Tuesday, August 3

The Leonard Hearing: Nominee Makes her Case

Monday, August 2

Discussion: The Katherine Leonard Nomination

July 2010

Saturday, July 31

Understanding the Katherine Leonard Pick

Friday, July 30

Coordinating Group to Help Welcome APEC

Thursday, July 29

Rights of Same-Sex Couples Now in Court’s Hands

ACLU, Lambda To Sue Lingle Over Civil Unions

Wednesday, July 28

Abercrombie: Chamber Cancelled Debate Because Hannemann Withdrew

Hannemann: I’m Only Candidate With Private Sector Experience

Saturday, July 24

The Value of Hawaii: Government by Chad Blair

Coming Full Circle

Legislative Turnover? Not Going to Happen

Friday, July 23

Hawaii Links for Friday, July 23

Thursday, July 22

Hawaii Links for Thursday, July 14

Wednesday, July 21

Mufi, Neil and Duke Talk Tech

Hawaii links for Wednesday, July 21

Tuesday, July 20

Hawaii Links for Tuesday, July 20

Monday, July 19

Hannemann’s PR Sprint to the Finish Line

Hawaii Links for Monday, July 19

Saturday, July 17

Look For the Union Label

Thursday, July 15

With Friends Like These …

Hawaii Links for Thursday, July 15

Wednesday, July 14

Is the Bluest of States Bleeding Red?

Hawaii Links for Wednesday, June 14

UPDATE: Lingle Asks U.S. Senators to Pass Akaka Bill

Tuesday, July 13

Lawmakers, the Homeless and the Media

Hawaii Links for Tuesday, July 13

Monday, July 12

GOP Aims To Field Candidates in Most Local Races

Hawaii Links for Monday, July 12

Friday, July 9

Stalled River Street Housing Project May Be Dead

Lingle Equates Civil Unions with Marriage of First Cousins, Brothers and Sisters

Hawaii Links for Friday, July 9

Thursday, July 8

Hawaii Links for Thursday, July 8

Hawaii Leaders Unite Behind Revised Akaka Bill

Inouye In Charge: A Study In Leadership

Wednesday, July 7

Hawaii Senators Resolve Differences with Governor on Akaka Bill

Hawaii Links for Wednesday, July 7

Lingle Dodges Civil Unions Issue

Tuesday, July 6

Hawaii Gov. Lingle Vetoes Civil Unions Bill

Hawaii Links for Tuesday, July 6

Friday, July 2

The Civil Unions Decision: What’s At Stake

Hawaii Links for Friday, July 2

Djou Explains ‘No’ Vote On Campaign Finance Bill

Thursday, July 1

Hawaii Links for Thursday, July 1

Roundtable Executive Committee Member Also on Board of Leading Religious Opponent of Civil Unions

June 2010

Wednesday, June 30

UPDATE: Poll Says Dems Will Win Governor’s Race

UPDATE: First Hawaiian Bank Has No Position On Civil Unions

Hawaii Links for Wednesday, June 30

GOP: Hannemann’s Homelessness Record ‘Abysmal’

Tuesday, June 29

Union Battle Brewing Over Hotel Worker Contracts

Hawaii Links for Tuesday, June 29

Monday, June 28

Hawaii GOP Runs Radio Ads to Recruit Candidates

UPDATE: Bank of Hawaii Opposes Civil Unions Veto

Hawaii Links for Monday, June 28

UPDATE: With Passing of Sen. Robert Byrd, Hawaii’s Dan Inouye Becomes Senate President Pro-Tem

Friday, June 25

Hawaii Links for Friday, June 25

UPDATE: HEI Breaks with Roundtable on Civil Unions

Thursday, June 24

Homeless Children Not Visible, or Easy to Help

More Homeless Are Finding Shelter

Hawaii Links for Thursday, June 24

Why the Roundtable Quieted Its Civil Unions Storm

Wednesday, June 23

Roundtable Tells Governor It’s Not Against Civil Unions

Hawaii Links for Wednesday, June 23

Tuesday, June 22

Hawaii Links for Tuesday, June 22

More Roundtable Dissent on Civil Unions Stance

Lingle on Civil Unions: ‘I Need More Time’

Monday, June 21

Hawaii Links for Monday, June 21

Saturday, June 19

Time Running Out for Akaka Bill

Discussion: Akaka Bill

Civil Unions Bill On Governor’s Potential Veto List

Roundtable Goes Back And Forth On Civil Unions

Thursday, June 17

Hawaii Links for Thursday, June 17

Wednesday, June 16

Hawaii Links for Wednesday, June 16

Tuesday, June 15

Hawaii Links for Tuesday, June 15

Did Roundtable Committee Have Member Support?

Study: Civil Unions Will Have ‘Positive Fiscal Effects’

Saturday, June 12

Tourism Chief: Shanghai ‘Trip Was Worth It’

Friday, June 11

Discussion: Tourism

King Kamehameha vs. Marketing: The HTA’s Dilemma

Business Roundtable: Not Opposing Civil Unions, Just Current Bill

Hawaii Business Roundtable Urges Gov. Lingle To Veto Civil Unions Bill

Thursday, June 10

What Headquarters Tell Us About Governor Candidates

Monday, June 7

Not Everyone Loves A Parade

Sunday, June 6

Four Couples And The Civil Unions Bill

Friday, June 4

Resign To Run Law Was Designed to Stop One Man

Thursday, June 3

Lawmakers Don’t Show For Own Hearing On Homelessness

Wednesday, June 2

U.S. Investment in Shanghai Expo Called “Debacle”

May 2010

Monday, May 31

Going Forward: The Democratic Race For Governor

Case Closed: What Ed’s Bombshell Means For Democrats

Thursday, May 27

Can Hawaii Democrats Unite At Weekend Convention?

Discussion: Hawaii 1st Congressional District Election

Discussion: Hawaii Politics

UPDATE: Mufi Hannemann Declares Bid For Governor

‘Hawaii Dive-O.’ A Revisionist View Of The Beloved Cop Show

Wednesday, May 26

Mufi v. Neil in 1986: The Bloody First Round

UPDATE: Civil Unions Data To Chew On

Discussion: Hawaii Governor’s Race

Hawaii Places A Bet On Shanghai Expo

Monday, May 24

UPDATE: Monday Morning Quarterbacking On The Djou Win

Mr. Djou Goes To Washington

Sunday, May 23

1st District Voters Send Djou to Congress

Friday, May 21

Mail-In Voting The Winner In Special Election

Thursday, May 20

UPDATE: Lingle To Promote Tourism, Clean Energy In China And Japan

Study: Civil Unions Could Bring Millions To State

UPDATE: Same-Sex Marriage Means Big Bucks In Other States

Tuesday, May 18

UPDATE: The Hawaii GOP Platform On Civil Unions

UPDATE: Abercrombie Opens Second Big Isle Campaign Office

Website 101 With Ed, Colleen and Charles

Monday, May 17

UPDATE: Aiona, Finnegan ‘Team Up’ On Energy Issues

Discussion: Civil Unions

Friday, May 14

UPDATE: Legislature To Hold Hearing On Homelessness, Public Housing

Thursday, May 13

UPDATE: Tourism Secrecy Bill Becomes Law

Discussion: 1st Congressional District Special Election

Djou: ‘National Attention Is On This Race’

Majority of 1st District Voters Likely To Be Unrepresented

Wednesday, May 12

UPDATE: The Four Bs On Hawaii Politics

Tuesday, May 11

UPDATE: State Homeless Programs Will Move To DHS

Discussion: Homelessness

UPDATE: Special Elections Past and Present

UPDATE: Honolulu Homeless Flock To New Shelters

Monday, May 10

Sunday In The Park With ‘Uncle’

Saturday, May 8

Legal Benefits And Implications Of Civil Unions

Biggest Impact Of Civil Unions Will Be On Couples

Friday, May 7

UPDATE: Special Election Maybe Not So Special

Thursday, May 6

UPDATE: More National Attention on 1st Congressional Race

Wednesday, May 5

UPDATE: UCLA Prof Says Couples Will Seek Civil Unions

Tuesday, May 4

UPDATE: Congressional Debate Shows Dems on the Run

Monday, May 3

UPDATE: GOP Star Scott Brown Endorses Djou

Sunday, May 2

Discussion: Hawaii

Hirono: ‘Never Take Anything For Granted’

News Flash: Rep. Hirono Elected to Third Term

Minority Report: GOP and the 2010 Hawaii Legislature

Six Years After Plan, Homeless Problem Even Worse

April 2010

Monday, April 26

Is Hawaii helped by uncontested elections?

Saturday, April 24

Should I buy or should I rent? And should the feds help?

Friday, April 23

Inouye Stands Tall While Others May Fall

Who are Hawaii’s key players?

Thursday, April 22

Unknown candidates for No. 2 no help for Aiona

Wednesday, April 21

Wasting away again at the Ala Wai

No Surprise: Prevedouros Turns Republican

Coming Soon? The Aloha Stadium Mall

Renewed Fight for Hawaii Civil Unions

Hello, Hawaii: Meet Your State Beat Reporter-Host