Civil Beat Staff

Chad Blair

Chad Blair has been a writer, editor and teacher in Honolulu for more than 25 years. His job as reporter and editor is to cover Hawaii, especially how political decisions impact people and communities.

Chad has worked as a journalist for Pacific Business News, Hawaii Public Radio and Honolulu Weekly. He has taught at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu Community College, Hawaii Pacific University and Chaminade University of Honolulu.

A “military brat,” Chad was born on an Army base in Alabama and later lived with his family in Germany, Illinois, Nebraska and Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, where he edited the school newspaper. He also minored in Spanish and studied for a semester in Mexico.

Chad worked for a year on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, where he tracked satellites for the U.S. Air Force/NORAD. He then earned a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in American studies from UH Manoa. His dissertation, “Democracy in Hawaii: Class, Race and Gender in Local Politics” (1996), was published as “Money, Color and Sex in Hawaii Politics” (Mutual Publishing; 1998).

You can reach him by email at or follow him on Twitter at @chadblairCB.

December 2011

Saturday, December 31

Capitol Watch — Hawaii Politics and Government — Jan. 2-8

Federal Judge Clears Way for Hawaii Civil Unions

Friday, December 30

Hawaii GOP Hopes Local Caucus Will Grow Party

Thursday, December 29

Two Hawaii Churches Seek To Block Civil Unions

Wednesday, December 28

Federal Recognition for Native Hawaiians Could Come Via Interior Dept

Land Deal Could Be ‘Economic Engine’ For Native Hawaiians

Saturday, December 24

Abercrombie’s First Year, According To Abercrombie

Friday, December 23

Capitol Watch — Hawaii Politics and Government — Dec. 26-Jan. 1

2011 Year in Review — Hawaii

Thursday, December 22

Hawaii Pot Minister’s Bail Denial Called ‘Rare’

Wednesday, December 21

Angry Birds Aren’t Leaving Hawaii Capitol

Hawaii Election 2012: A Preview

Inouye Still Brings Home The Bacon

Tuesday, December 20

Charter Schools’ ‘Glaring Concerns’ Raised at Briefing

Friday, December 16

Capitol Watch — Hawaii Politics and Government — Dec. 19-Dec. 25

Another Setback for Hawaiian Recognition

Wednesday, December 14

Youth Correctional Facility Cleans Up Its Act

Monday, December 12

Few Turn Out For Meeting On Kakaako OHA Deal

Federal Justice Officials Ignore Questions About Hawaii Pot Minister

Saturday, December 10

Capitol Watch — Hawaii Politics and Government — Dec. 12-Dec. 18

Friday, December 9

Gloves Come Off As Hawaii Senate Race Gets Going

Tuesday, December 6

No Christmas in Hilo for Roger Christie

Saturdays in the Park, But Not the Precinct

Saturday, December 3

Capitol Watch — Hawaii Politics and Government — Dec. 5-Dec. 11

Friday, December 2

Capitol Watch: Dec. 2

Thursday, December 1

Abercrombie: ‘Our Game Plan Is Working’

Capitol Watch: Dec. 1

November 2011

Wednesday, November 30

Capitol Watch: Nov. 30

Governor Still Seeking Water Panel Candidates

Tuesday, November 29

Capitol Watch: Nov. 29

Abercrombie Wants to Build ‘Third City’

Abercrombie Relents On Nominees’ Names, But Hasn’t Changed His View

Monday, November 28

Abercrombie: ‘Please Have Faith In Me’

Sunday, November 27

Capitol Watch: Nov. 28

Wednesday, November 23

Capitol Watch: Nov. 23

Americans Elect Petitions for Hawaii Ballot

Tuesday, November 22

Capitol Watch: Nov. 22

Monday, November 21

Swag of Our Governors

Sunday, November 20

Capitol Watch: Nov. 21

Friday, November 18

Capitol Watch: Nov. 18

Ceded Land Deal Began With A Phone Call

Thursday, November 17

Capitol Watch: Nov. 17

State Offers OHA $200M Kakaako Land Settlement

Wednesday, November 16

Detained Youth Feel ‘Safe, Secure’ at Kailua Prison

Capitol Watch: Nov. 16

Hawaii Homeless Shelter, Outreach Use Drops

Tuesday, November 15

Capitol Watch: Nov. 15

First Lady to Vets: ‘America Does Have Your Back’

Monday, November 14

Capitol Watch: Nov. 14

Sunday, November 13

How Will APEC Be Remembered?

Saturday, November 12

U.S. Election Rears Its Head at APEC

Friday, November 11

APEC High-Tech Showcase Gets Little Notice

Quality Time at APEC With ‘A U.S. Senior Official’

Thursday, November 10

In APEC’s Shadow: The Pacific People’s Economy

Iolani Palace Director Blasts Closure Decision

Tom Donohue: Hawaii ‘Great Place’ To Do Biz

Wednesday, November 9

APEC Swag Bag Showcases Iconic Hawaii Goods

Protesters Mourn Local Killed In Waikiki Shooting

Secret Service to Tweet for First Time at APEC

Homeless Return To Area Cleared By DOT

Tuesday, November 8

FBI Watching Potentially Violent APEC Protesters

Capitol Watch: Nov. 8

Monday, November 7

Blake Oshiro Will Be Gov’s New Deputy Chief Of Staff

Saturday, November 5

Friend or Foam: Safe, Sanitary and Cost-Effective

Friday, November 4

Capitol Watch: Nov. 4

Watershed Moment For Hawaii’s Watersheds?

Thursday, November 3

Capitol Watch: Nov. 3

Wednesday, November 2

Kalakaua Homeless Cleared Near Convention Center

Hanabusa Sponsors Bill To Help COFA Migrants

Capitol Watch: Nov. 2

Tuesday, November 1

Capitol Watch: Nov. 1

October 2011

Monday, October 31

Don’t Tase Me, Brah

APEC Won’t Close Waikiki Beach

Sunday, October 30

Capitol Watch: Oct. 31

Friday, October 28

Hannemann Radio Show Doesn’t Cross Legal Line

Capitol Watch: Oct. 28

Homeless Evicted In Sweep Say They’ll Be Back

Thursday, October 27

Capitol Watch: Oct. 27

Nimitz Highway Targeted For Homeless Cleanup

Wednesday, October 26

Capitol Watch: Oct. 26

Tuesday, October 25

Is Medicare A Chink In Lingle’s Political Armor?

Capitol Watch: Oct. 25

Hawaii’s Future Leaders: Where Are They?

Abercrombie: ‘I Play All Four Quarters’

Saturday, October 22

Capitol Watch: Oct. 24

Friday, October 21

Capitol Watch: Oct. 21

No Surfboard for Obama

City Adjusts Bus Routes, Trash Pickup for APEC

Thursday, October 20

Secret Service Releases APEC Security Plans

Capitol Watch: Oct. 20

Wednesday, October 19

Lingle’s Official Website As Hawaii Gov Hard To Find

Gov’s Media Director Penned Vietnam Novel

Capitol Watch: Oct. 19

When Mazie Met Linda … and Ed

Tuesday, October 18

Capitol Watch: Oct. 18

Could Lingle Do What Akaka Couldn’t?

High Anxiety Over APEC?

Saturday, October 15

Capitol Watch: Oct. 17

Friday, October 14

Hawaii Artist Snags website

Capitol Watch: Oct. 14

Thursday, October 13

Not a Word From Lingle on Her Most Difficult Decision

Capitol Watch: Oct. 13

Wednesday, October 12

APEC Protest for Dummies

Capitol Watch: Oct. 12

Tuesday, October 11

Slick Rollout For Lingle’s Senate Campaign

It’s Official: Lingle Running for U.S. Senate

Capitol Watch: Oct. 11

Monday, October 10

2001 Consent Decree Guides APEC Protest Rules

Sunday, October 9

Capitol Watch: Oct. 10

Saturday, October 8

Wall Street Protests Reach Hawaii’s Shores

Friday, October 7

Capitol Watch: Oct. 7

Can Hawaii’s Legislature Really Help Micronesians?

Senior Dems Pushed Gov To Shake Up Staff

Thursday, October 6

Capitol Watch: Oct. 6

Wednesday, October 5

Abercrombie Takes Tamer Tack After Pro Bowl Gaffe

Like GOP, Hawaii Democrats Also In Debt

Tuesday, October 4

Capitol Watch: Oct. 5

Hawaii Civil Defense’s Teixeira Calls It Quits

Hawaii Launches Mortgage Foreclosure Dispute Portal

Monday, October 3

Surfing Now An Official Sport At Hawaii Schools

Capitol Watch: Oct. 4

Saturday, October 1

Capitol Watch: Oct. 3

Governor Has Been Busy Honoring the Fallen

September 2011

Friday, September 30

Capitol Watch: Sept. 30

‘Bummer of a Summer’ for Hawaii’s Visitor Industry

Thursday, September 29

Capitol Watch: Sept. 29

Wednesday, September 28

Analyze This: Hawaii’s Criminal Justice System

Capitol Watch: Sept. 28

Tuesday, September 27

Hawaii GOP Racked Up Credit Card, Mailer Debt

Capitol Watch: Sept. 27

Monday, September 26

GOP’s Kaauwai Steps Down Under Pressure

No Social Media Rules for Hawaii Lawmakers

Hawaii GOP In Dire Financial Need

Sunday, September 25

Capitol Watch: Sept. 26

Friday, September 23

Inside Halawa: A Reporter’s Notebook

Capitol Watch: Sept. 23

Thursday, September 22

Halawa Guards Sidestep Metal and Drug Detection

Mouse in the House

Capitol Watch: Sept. 22

Lawmakers Investigate Prison Complaints

Wednesday, September 21

Capitol Watch: Sept. 21

GOP Hierarchy Demands Kaauwai’s Resignation

Tuesday, September 20

Lingle Predicts More Women Leaders

Capitol Watch: Sept. 20

Abercrombie Defends Emergency Cleanup Order

Monday, September 19

Topless Waikiki Protesters Cite First Amendment

Sunday, September 18

Capitol Watch: Sept. 19

Saturday, September 17

TSA Fires 28 Employees at Honolulu Airport

Friday, September 16

Most Hawaii State Senators Use Facebook

Abercrombie HR Head Sunshine Topping Quits

Thursday, September 15

Most Hawaii State House Reps on Facebook

Capitol Watch: Sept. 16

Hawaii GOP Plans to Field CD2 Candidate

Wednesday, September 14

Capitol Watch: Sept. 15

Tuesday, September 13

Birthers: $10,000 for Obama Birth News Clip

Capitol Watch: Sept. 14

Monday, September 12

Protests In Works for Hawaii APEC Meeting

Capitol Watch: Sept. 13

Saturday, September 10

Capitol Watch: Sept. 12

Friday, September 9

Politics, Tourism and Hawaii’s Destiny

Capitol Watch: Sept. 9

August 2011

Thursday, August 25

Kapu For Kipu Falls on Kauai

Wednesday, August 24

No Senate Run for Hanabusa

Abercrombie Banks on High-Speed Broadband

Tuesday, August 23

Capitol Watch: Aug. 24

Monday, August 22

Capitol Watch: Aug. 23

Saturday, August 20

Sex, Booze and Firefighting

The New Sheriff In Town

Friday, August 19

Capitol Watch: Aug. 22

Thursday, August 18

About That 90-Day Plan on Homelessness …

A New Day 2.0

Wednesday, August 17

Djou Off to Afghanistan — and Running for Congress

Capitol Watch: Aug. 18

Capitol Watch: Aug. 17

Monday, August 15

Capitol Watch: Aug. 16

Notes From the Hawaii Labor Relations Board

DISCUSSION: Hawaii U.S. Senate Race 2012

Capitol Watch: Aug. 15

Sunday, August 14

CD2, Anyone? Anyone?

Case Makes His Case As He Opens Campaign HQ

Friday, August 12

Perry on the Right

Thursday, August 11

Abercrombie: State Has Not Met With UPW

Capitol Watch: Aug. 12

Capitol Watch: Aug. 11

Tuesday, August 9

Payroll Check: How Two Hawaii Govs Compare

Capitol Watch: Aug. 10

Gov to Keynote Collective Bargaining Convention

Capitol Watch: Aug. 9

Advantage, Abercrombie

Monday, August 8

Inouye: Tax Loopholes for Corporations Must End

Saturday, August 6

Capitol Watch: Aug. 8

Friday, August 5

Lingle, Women and Leadership

Thursday, August 4

Capitol Watch: Aug. 5

Most States Don’t Restrict Task Force Lobbying

Wednesday, August 3

Don’t Show Me the Money

Capitol Watch: Aug. 4

The Challenges Ahead: Hawaii in 2050

Tuesday, August 2

Capitol Watch: Aug. 3

State: No Money to Pay Hawaii Teachers More

Monday, August 1

Garcia, Cachola Reports Hint at State Senate Bids

Capitol Watch: Aug. 2

Capitol Watch: Aug. 1

July 2011

Saturday, July 30

Lingle: D.C. Dysfunction ‘Encourages’ Senate Run

Friday, July 29

Full Disclosure: Hawaii’s Cabinet

Capitol Watch: July 29

Homeless Czar: Safe Zones Wrong Approach

Abercrombie: ‘Happy to Entertain Counteroffers’ From Teachers Union

Thursday, July 28

Capitol Watch: July 28

Tuesday, July 26

U.S. Senate Mails Dans’ Financial Disclosures

Capitol Watch: July 27

Monday, July 25

Capitol Watch: July 26

Sunday, July 24

Capitol Watch: July 25

Saturday, July 23

Kym Pine, Eric Ryan and a Curious Check for $3,150

Thursday, July 21

Case: Support Has ‘Never’ Come From PACs

Capitol Watch: July 22

Newsmaker: Watch the Interview With HGEA Executive Director Randy Perreira

Capitol Watch: July 21

Tuesday, July 19

Abercrombie vs. Hawaii Teachers: What’s at Stake

Capitol Watch: July 20

Capitol Watch: July 19

Monday, July 18

Ryan-Pine Imbroglio Began Over a Pay Dispute

Going Down to Electric Avenue

Sunday, July 17

Capitol Watch: July 18

Friday, July 15

Hirono Leads in Hawaii Senate Fundraising

Thursday, July 14

When the Ledge Calls, Agencies Answer

Wednesday, July 13

Capitol Watch: July 14

Kymberly Pine Hit With Another Online Attack

Hawaii Gov Vetoes 15 Bills

Hawaii Lawmakers Enter World of Cybercrime

Tuesday, July 12

Hee: Hawaii Experienced Greatest Loss from Colonization

Capitol Watch: July 13

Hawaii Most Diverse Population on Earth, Says Abercrombie

Capitol Watch: July 12

Monday, July 11

Hello, U.S. Senate? Sorry, You’ll Have to Fax Us

Sunday, July 10

Capitol Watch: July 11

Friday, July 8

Pele’s Potential

Capitol Watch: July 8

Thursday, July 7

Capitol Watch: July 7

‘First Step’ to a Native Hawaiian Governing Entity

Wednesday, July 6

Capitol Watch: July 6

Tuesday, July 5

‘Justice Reinvestment’ Plan An Easy First Phase

Crime and Punishment at the Hawaii Legislature

Monday, July 4

Capitol Watch: July 5

Friday, July 1

Hawaii Gov: Let’s Bring Back ‘Aloha Friday’

Capitol Watch: July 1

Mazie Hirono v. Colleen Hanabusa: A Preview?

June 2011

Thursday, June 30

Resignation Resistance Climbs to 13

Blue Planet to Gov: Don’t Veto Energy Bill

Wednesday, June 29

Hawaii Gov’t Offices Vow to Go Green

Capitol Watch: June 30

Michele Bachmann: ‘We Want to Win Hawaii’

Tuesday, June 28

Capitol Watch: June 29

Hawaii Governor Lists 23 Bills He May Veto

Monday, June 27

NY Gay Marriage Won’t Affect Hawaii … Yet

Capitol Watch: June 28

Capitol Watch: June 27

Friday, June 24

A Lewd, Offensive and Racist Hawaii Tale

No Charges Filed in Hawaii Lawmaker ‘Hacking’ Case

Gov Defends Resignation Request, Pushes ‘New Day’

Thursday, June 23

More Appointees Snub Hawaii Governor

Capitol Watch: June 23

Wednesday, June 22

Newsmaker: Interview With Lt. Governor Brian Schatz

Why Abercrombie Chose To Target Five Boards

Tuesday, June 21

Capitol Watch: June 22

Capitol Watch: June 21

Appointees Resist Hawaii Gov’s Resignation Request

Monday, June 20

Senate Unanimously Approved Appointees Targeted by Abercrombie

Sunday, June 19

Capitol Watch: June 20

Friday, June 17

Mazie and Colleen: Million Dollar Babies

Thursday, June 16

Capitol Watch: June 17

Wednesday, June 15

Capitol Watch: June 16

Tuesday, June 14

Capitol Watch: June 15

Hawaii Legislators Rank High in College Degrees

The Many Tweets of Mufi

Media Said to Fuel Micronesian Stereotypes

Monday, June 13

Capitol Watch: June 14

Saturday, June 11

Capitol Watch: June 13

Friday, June 10

How Abercrombie Leads Post Legislative Session

Hanabusa Rents Apartment in Her District

TSA to Fire 36 Honolulu Airport Workers

No Aloha for Micronesians in Hawaii

Hanabusa in the House: ‘I’m Different’

Thursday, June 9

Hawaii Governor Says State ‘Bribes’ NFL to Hold Pro Bowl ‘Scrimmage’

Capitol Watch: June 9

Hanabusa to Decide on Senate Run by August

Tuesday, June 7

Prosecutor’s Office: ‘Dramatic Increase’ in Computer Crimes

Capitol Watch: June 8

Top Council Aide Behind Hacking of Hawaii Rep’s Website, Email

Monday, June 6

Capitol Watch: June 7

Sunday, June 5

Capitol Watch: June 6

Saturday, June 4

Email, Website of Hawaii Lawmaker Hacked

Friday, June 3

It’s No Longer Just ‘Gay Pride’ Month in Hawaii

Capitol Watch: June 3

Wednesday, June 1

Capitol Watch: June 2

Five Minutes In Hawaii With the SecDef

May 2011

Tuesday, May 31

Capitol Watch: June 1

Monday, May 30

Capitol Watch: May 31

Friday, May 27

No Special Session Means Key Bills In Limbo

Capitol Watch: May 27

Wednesday, May 25

Hirono: ‘I’m a Workhorse, Not a Show Horse’

Should Hawaii Consider a Unicameral Legislature?

Capitol Watch: May 26

Tuesday, May 24

Capitol Watch: May 25

Open U.S. Senate Race Rare in Hawaii

Monday, May 23

Hawaii Congressional Reps to Feds: Help Us Curb Micronesians

Capitol Watch: May 24

Sunday, May 22

Newsmaker: Talk Live With AARP Hawaii’s Barbara Kim Stanton

Capitol Watch: May 23

Thursday, May 19

Word’s Out: Hirono To Run For U.S. Senate

District Pork Hard to Track at the Ledge

Wednesday, May 18

Capitol Watch: May 19

Survey: Hawaii’s Most and Least Effective Lawmakers

Hawaii Unveils Action Plan for Homelessness

Tuesday, May 17

Capitol Watch: May 18

Capitol Watch: May 17

Monday, May 16

Capitol Watch: May 16

If She Runs, Lingle Wants ‘Strategy for Victory’

Abercrombie Says He Will ‘Roll Over’ AARP

Sunday, May 15

Hawaii GOP: Show Us the Money

Friday, May 13

Abercrombie Hits The Road — And Feels The Love

Playing With Power at Hawaii’s Legislature

Wednesday, May 11

Capitol Watch: May 12

Say, Oshiro Best in Hawaii House at Passing Own Bills

Hawaii Senate Chairs Excel In Passing Own Bills

Hawaii Republicans Strike Out at Legislature

Capitol Watch: May 11

Tuesday, May 10

Capitol Watch: May 10

Monday, May 9

Gov’s Batting Average For Bills at Ledge Tops .500

Sunday, May 8

Legislative Session for Gov a ‘Mixed Blessing’

Saturday, May 7

Capitol Watch: May 9

Thursday, May 5

Hawaii Lawmakers Agree Reluctantly to Salary Cuts

Session Wrap: It Came from the Ledge

Capitol Watch: May 5: Live Blogging from the Legislature

Wednesday, May 4

Schatz: Feds Will Provide APEC Funds

Capitol Watch: May 4

Tuesday, May 3

Capitol Watch: May 3: Live Blogging from the Legislature

Monday, May 2

Time Running Out to Fund Hawaii’s APEC Bill

Hawaii Legislative Session Not Over Till It’s Over

Capitol Watch: May 2

Sunday, May 1

Pay Raises for Hawaii Lawmakers Still on Table

April 2011

Friday, April 29

Hawaii Lawmaker Throws Dice on Casino Gambling

Thursday, April 28

Capitol Watch: April 29: Live Blogging from the Legislature

Hawaii Legislature Stalemated Over Budget

Capitol Watch: April 28: Live Blogging from the Legislature

Wednesday, April 27

Akaka Comes Full Circle

Japanese Tourists ‘Will Be Back Soon’ to Hawaii

Tuesday, April 26

Not Bills, But These Reso’s from Hawaii Legislature Still Carry Weight

Capitol Watch: April 27

Monday, April 25

Hawaii Launches First Phase of Homeless Plan

Capitol Watch: April 26

Friday, April 22

A User’s Guide to Hawaii Conference Committees

Capitol Watch: April 25

Thursday, April 21

Hawaii Version of Akaka Bill Still Alive

Wednesday, April 20

House Clashes Over Saving Hawaii Health-Care Law

Landmark Gay Rights Bills From Hawaii Legislature

Capitol Watch: April 21

Tuesday, April 19

Abercrombie Appointee Gets Post — On Second Try

Capitol Watch: April 20

Monday, April 18

Inouye’s Mission of Justice

Inouye: Take Trump Presidential Bid Seriously

Politics Divides Hawaii Reapportionment Panel

Capitol Watch: April 19

Friday, April 15

My Candidate, My Boss: The Prequel

Capitol Watch: April 18

PHOCUSED On the Needy at the Hawaii Legislature

Capitol Watch: April 15

Thursday, April 14

Sixteen Abercrombie Nominees Have Withdrawn

Wednesday, April 13

Capitol Watch: April 14

Tuesday, April 12

Capitol Watch: April 13

Monday, April 11

Capitol Watch: April 12

Saturday, April 9

Capitol Watch: April 11

Friday, April 8

Half of Cabinet Gave to Abercrombie Campaign

My Candidate, My Boss

Thursday, April 7

Capitol Watch: April 8

Extension Likely for Hawaii Shield Law

Hawaii Agrees To New HGEA Labor Contract

Wednesday, April 6

Capitol Watch: April 7

Tuesday, April 5

Hee v. Louie: Round Two

Capitol Watch: April 6

Abercrombie Never Promised Transparency

Monday, April 4

Capitol Watch: April 5

Friday, April 1

Capitol Watch: April 4

Capitol Watch: April 1

March 2011

Thursday, March 31

Schatz: Administration ‘Focused on Governing’

‘Reso’ Fever at the Hawaii Legislature

Wednesday, March 30

Capitol Watch: March 31

New Akaka Bill Ignores Lingle Concerns

Hee v. Louie

Capitol Watch: March 30

Tuesday, March 29

Clawing for the Last Dime at the Hawaii Legislature

Monday, March 28

Capitol Watch: March 29

Friday, March 25

Capitol Watch: March 28

Hawaiian Lawmakers Push Akaka Bill At State Level

Thursday, March 24

Capitol Watch: March 25

Bringing Home The Bacon — The Raw Numbers

Wednesday, March 23

Capitol Watch: March 24

Calvin Say Supporters Bring Home The Bacon

A Town Hall In Wahiawa

Hawaii Legislature Backs Off Punishing Tourism Publications

Tuesday, March 22

Capitol Watch: March 23

Monday, March 21

Capitol Watch: March 22

Friday, March 18

Hawaii House Dissidents Dissed — The Raw Numbers

Capitol Watch: March 21

Thursday, March 17

Capitol Watch: March 18

Obama: Harmful Levels of Radiation Won’t Reach Hawaii or West Coast

Abercrombie Now ‘Flexible’ On Raising GET

Wednesday, March 16

Are Hawaii House Dissidents Getting Dissed?

Capitol Watch: March 17

Tuesday, March 15

Capitol Watch: March 16

Monday, March 14

UPDATE: Hawaii Tsunami Damage In ‘Tens of Millions’ of Dollars

Capitol Watch: March 15

Hawaii Tsunami Costs Rising, Gov Expands Disaster Declaration

Capitol Watch: March 14

Saturday, March 12

Abercrombie In Charge

Friday, March 11

Hawaii State and County Websites Didn’t Serve Public During Tsunami

Live, From Honolulu, It’s Neil Abercrombie

Thursday, March 10

The Hawaii Legislature at the Halfway Mark

Capitol Watch: March 11

Wednesday, March 9

Capitol Watch: March 10

Tuesday, March 8

Capitol Watch: March 9

Capitol Watch: March 8

Monday, March 7

Budget Aside, How’s the Gov Doing at the Ledge?

Friday, March 4

Capitol Watch: March 4

Hawaii’s Homeless Crisis: It’s Still With Us

Thursday, March 3

Akaka Retirement Triggers Political Free-For-All

Wednesday, March 2

Clayton Hee, Maverick of the Hawaii Senate

Capitol Watch: March 3

Tuesday, March 1

Capitol Watch: March 2

February 2011

Monday, February 28

Capitol Watch: March 1

Saturday, February 26

Capitol Watch: Feb. 28

Thursday, February 24

Capitol Watch: Feb. 25

Civil Unions, Civic Courage

Hawaii Civil Unions Signed Into Law

Wednesday, February 23

Capitol Watch: Feb. 24

No Bridge for the Religious Divide?

Tuesday, February 22

Capitol Watch: Feb. 23

Budget 101 With Prof. Abercrombie

Monday, February 21

Lawmaker Caught Up In Foreclosure Mess

Capitol Watch: Feb. 22

Saturday, February 19

Capitol Watch: Feb. 21

Thursday, February 17

Usual Suspects Gave Big Bucks For Abercrombie Inauguration

Road Paved for Raising the GET?

Capitol Watch: Feb. 18

Capitol Watch: Feb. 17

Wednesday, February 16

Civil Unions, Then and Now

Tuesday, February 15

Brower Throws Down in the Hizzy

Capitol Watch: Feb. 16

Lawmakers Not Ignoring Homelessness

Monday, February 14

Capitol Watch: Feb. 15

Straight Talk From Hawaii Union Rep to His Members

Saturday, February 12

Capitol Watch: Feb. 14

Friday, February 11

Civil Unions Bill: New, Improved, Not Perfect

Thursday, February 10

Capitol Watch: Feb. 11

House of the Holy

Wednesday, February 9

Capitol Watch: Feb. 10

Tuesday, February 8

Capitol Watch: Feb. 9

Monday, February 7

Capitol Watch: Feb. 8

Sunday, February 6

Capitol Watch: Feb. 7

Friday, February 4

Fast-Tracking Civil Unions

Thursday, February 3

Capitol Watch: Feb. 4

Bachmann: There’s Tea Party ‘Buzz’ In Hawaii

Capitol Watch: Feb. 3

Tuesday, February 1

Capitol Watch: Feb. 2

Capitol Watch: Feb. 1

January 2011

Monday, January 31

Capitol Watch: Jan. 31

Friday, January 28

First Amendment Scholar: Invocations Satisfy No One

Kicking God Out of the Hawaii Senate

Thursday, January 27

Capitol Watch: Jan. 28

Capitol Watch: Jan. 27

Health Director Quits Amid Fraud Investigation

Tuesday, January 25

Abercrombie Testy In Naming McKenna

Capitol Watch: Jan. 26

Capitol Watch: Jan. 25

Monday, January 24

In Righting the Canoe, Who Gets Thrown Overboard?

Saturday, January 22

Akaka Bill Fails, Lobbyists Collect $3.2M from OHA

Friday, January 21

Capitol Watch: Jan. 24

Capitol Watch: Jan. 21

Thursday, January 20

Can a House Divided Against Itself Stand

Capitol Watch: Jan. 20

Wednesday, January 19

Hawaii Legislature

Capitol Watch, Jan. 19: Live Blogging Opening Day of the Legislature

Tuesday, January 18

Hard Choices: Abercrombie and the Legislature

Friday, January 14

Chasing Amy: Lawmakers Press Asselbaye on Budget

Capitol Watch: Jan. 18

Capitol Watch: Jan. 14

30 Minutes With the Most Powerful Man In Hawaii

Thursday, January 13

Michael Medved: Hawaii Senate ‘Insane’ to Ban Invocation

Wednesday, January 12

Capitol Watch: Jan. 13

Tuesday, January 11

Topsy-Turvy at the ‘Ledge’

Capitol Watch: Jan. 12

The Power of The Speaker

Capitol Watch: Jan. 11

Saturday, January 8

Hawaiian Electric Mum On Possible Buyout

Hawaiian Electric Takeover Spurs Angry E-mails

Friday, January 7

Capitol Watch: Jan. 10

Local Hui Aims to Buy Out Hawaiian Electric

Capitol Watch: Jan. 7

Thursday, January 6

Capitol Watch: Jan. 6

Hanabusa: Health-Care Repeal Won’t Happen

Wednesday, January 5

Capitol Watch: Jan. 5

Tuesday, January 4

Budget Director Doesn’t Have All the Answers for Lawmakers

Capitol Watch: Jan. 4

Sunday, January 2

Capitol Watch: Jan. 3