Civil Beat Staff

Chad Blair

Chad Blair has been a writer, editor and teacher in Honolulu for more than 25 years. His job as reporter and editor is to cover Hawaii, especially how political decisions impact people and communities.

Chad has worked as a journalist for Pacific Business News, Hawaii Public Radio and Honolulu Weekly. He has taught at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu Community College, Hawaii Pacific University and Chaminade University of Honolulu.

A “military brat,” Chad was born on an Army base in Alabama and later lived with his family in Germany, Illinois, Nebraska and Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, where he edited the school newspaper. He also minored in Spanish and studied for a semester in Mexico.

Chad worked for a year on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, where he tracked satellites for the U.S. Air Force/NORAD. He then earned a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in American studies from UH Manoa. His dissertation, “Democracy in Hawaii: Class, Race and Gender in Local Politics” (1996), was published as “Money, Color and Sex in Hawaii Politics” (Mutual Publishing; 1998).

You can reach him by email at or follow him on Twitter at @chadblairCB.

December 2013

Monday, December 23

Chad Blair: Did Clayton Hee Lead a Failed Political Coup in Hawaii’s Senate?

Chad Blair: Breaking the Silence on Nuclear Testing

Sunday, December 22

Will Hawaii Voters Buy Colleen Hanabusa’s Campaign Pitch?

Thursday, December 12

Chad Blair: Ancient Hawaii, Cradle of Civilization?

Saturday, December 7

Chad Blair: Pono Choices Is Pono For Sex Ed

Friday, December 6

Nine Hawaii Legislators In D.C. for Annual Forum

Thursday, December 5

Chad Blair: Mufi Returns?

Tuesday, December 3

Bloomberg to Headline Schatz Reception in Honolulu

Sunday, December 1

Chad Blair: Throwing Away the Key

November 2013

Wednesday, November 27

Gay Marriage, Hawaii Style

Monday, November 25

Island Air, Buyer Beware!

Sunday, November 24

Chad Blair: Can Politics and Journalism Mix?

Thursday, November 21

Why Hasn’t Hanabusa Raised More Money For Hawaii Senate Campaign?

Wednesday, November 20

Hawaii Arts and Cultural Foundation Accused of ‘Desecration, Debacle’

Monday, November 18

Abercrombie Agriculture Director Leaving, Will Help Hanabusa Campaign

Thursday, November 14

Federal Judge: Hawaii’s Open Primary Is Constitutional

Wednesday, November 13

Chad Blair: Heard About the Gay Marriage Special Session Drinking Game?

Tuesday, November 12

Senate Sends ‘Marriage Equality’ Bill to Hawaii Governor

Monday, November 11

Mainland Contributors Are Filling Tulsi Gabbard’s Campaign Coffers

Saturday, November 9

Hawaii Senate Leaders: We’ll Accept Gay Marriage Bill

After Rowdy House Sessions, Senate Seeks Quick Gay Marriage Vote

Thursday, November 7

Gay Marriage Bill Clears Another Hurdle, Final House Vote Set for Friday

Wednesday, November 6

Chad Blair: Donna Mercado Kim, Frontrunner for Congress?

Tuesday, November 5

Hawaii’s Same-Sex Marriage Bill Finally Advances in the House

Gay Cop: HPD Should Disavow Hawaii Police Union Official’s Testimony

Monday, November 4

Gay Marriage Opponents Effectively Delay House Committees’ Decision Another Day

Saturday, November 2

Abercrombie on Marriage Debate: ‘Democracy Is Taking Place’

October 2013

Thursday, October 31

Thousands Wait Hours to Testify on Hawaii Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Wednesday, October 30

Same-Sex Marriage Now Up to Hawaii House

Monday, October 28

Hawaii Senate Panel Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Tumultuous, Historic Week Expected at Hawaii Legislature

Tuesday, October 22

Civil Beat Poll — A Majority of Hawaii Voters Disapprove of Abercrombie

Monday, October 21

Civil Beat Poll — Schatz Has Narrow Lead Over Hanabusa

Friday, October 18

Civil Beat Poll — Hawaii Support for Same-Sex Marriage Grows

Thursday, October 17

Schatz: Ideology, Not Ethnicity, Will Win Hawaii Senate Race

Wednesday, October 16

Who Is Winning the CD1 Campaign Money Chase?

Monday, October 14

Chad Blair: Wisdom for the Nation From the Streets of Washington, D.C.

Thursday, October 10

Hawaii Delegates Frustrated by Federal Shutdown Gridlock

Tuesday, October 8

Chad Blair: A Postcard From Washington, D.C.

Saturday, October 5

As Shutdown Lengthens, Hawaii Worries About Federal Reimbursements

Thursday, October 3

The Shutdown of ’95-’96: ‘Silliest Washington Squabble in Memory’

Tuesday, October 1

Hawaii Delegates Give Up Salaries During Shutdown

‘Wild West Shootout’ for Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District Seat

September 2013

Saturday, September 28

Chad Blair: It’s High Time to Legalize Pot

Wednesday, September 25

Chad Blair: Brian Schatz, Hawaii’s Super Senator?

Study: Despite Progress, Hawaiians, Other Islanders Still Die Younger

Monday, September 23

Words Before Dying — a Micronesian Oral History, from Hawaii

Saturday, September 21

Gabbard Outraged Over Extension of ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

Thursday, September 19

Guard Sues Colleague and OCCC Over Alleged Sexual Harassment

Tuesday, September 17

Chad Blair: What Does the Bard Say to the Governor?

FBI Files: A Window Opens on the Life and Times of Dan Inouye

Friday, September 13

God, Religious Freedom and Sex in Mililani: The Saga Continues

Wednesday, September 11

Chad Blair: Is Sen. Hirono Our Stateswoman on Syria?

Tuesday, September 10

Is Hawaii Living Up to the Rhetoric on Clean Energy?

Abercrombie: Marriage Equity ‘The Right Thing to Do’ For Hawaii

Saturday, September 7

The Main Obstacle for Marriage Equality: Divergent Religious Views

Friday, September 6

Auditor: Office of Hawaiian Affairs Purchase Violated Investment Policy

Thursday, September 5

Hawaii Legislature Has Votes to Pass Same-Sex Marriage

Interior Secretary Assures Hawaiians on Federal Recognition

Wednesday, September 4

Schatz Talks Tough on Syria, Downgrades to Request for Debate

August 2013

Friday, August 30

Hawaii’s Hanging Chad: Journos, Flacks and Hacks

Thursday, August 29

Hawaii’s Costly Legal Battle Over Gay Marriage

Tuesday, August 27

Estimate: Special Session to Legalize Gay Marriage Would Cost Just $25,800

Monday, August 26

Hawaii’s Hanging Chad: The Catholic Church’s Same Sex Problem

Sunday, August 18

Hawaii’s Hanging Chad: Get Ready for 2016!

Wednesday, August 14

Neil Abercrombie, Probation Officer-in-Chief

Tuesday, August 13

U.S. Supreme Court May Hear Appeal on Hawaii Reapportionment

Monday, August 12

Hawaii’s Hanging Chad: Tweets from the Holy Land

Friday, August 9

Doing the Math on Hawaii’s 1st District Race

Thursday, August 8

Takai Bid Puts Hawaii’s Military Role at Campaign Center

Monday, August 5

Hawaii Procurement Administrator Fights for His Job

Saturday, August 3

Hawaii’s Hanging Chad: They’ll Do It Their Way

Thursday, August 1

Giving It Up for the Governor: Hawaii State Employees Fuel Campaign

July 2013

Monday, July 29

A Tale of Two Hawaiis

Friday, July 26

Hawaii’s Hanging Chad: Why No Local Sex Scandals These Days?

Thursday, July 25

UH Profs: Same-Sex Marriage Good For Hawaii

Tuesday, July 23

Who’s Backing Who for Hawaii’s U.S. Senate Seat?

Monday, July 22

Hawaii’s Hanging Chad: Political Blood and Gore

Wednesday, July 17

What Should Hawaii Do For Micronesians?

Helping Hawaii Make Sense of Micronesia

Tuesday, July 16

Petitioners Want the Right to Throw the Bums Out

Eat, Pray, Love — And Lobby? — At The Legislature

Wednesday, July 3

Hanabusa Supporters Say Leadership Beats Seniority

June 2013

Friday, June 28

Civil Beat Poll – Let’s Ban Military-Style Assault Weapons in Hawaii

Civil Beat Poll – Fewer Than Half Of Voters Approve Of Abercrombie

Civil Beat Poll – A Year Out, Hawaii Senate Race Up For Grabs

Wednesday, June 26

Should Hawaii Expect Flurry of Gay Marriages?

Exodus of Rep. Gabbard’s Senior Staff May Cloud Political Star’s Rise

Saturday, June 22

Can Inouye’s Ghost Take Down Sen. Brian Schatz?

Thursday, June 20

Local Enough To Be UH Prez? Take Our Quiz!

Wednesday, June 19

Gov: Hawaii is ‘Most Stable’ State Government

Making Waves: Kelii Akina and The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Monday, June 17

DC808: On the Wire — On The Defense

Thursday, June 13

Hawaii Auditor Violated Procurement Laws, Too

Wednesday, June 12

Will PR Blitz Help Abercrombie Coast To Re-Election?

Tuesday, June 11

DC808: On the Wire — Hail Hawaii’s Conqueror

Friday, June 7

No More Getting It Weekly

DC808: On The Wire — The Alaska Connection

Thursday, June 6

The Risks of Righting Mayor Wright’s Wrongs

Wednesday, June 5

Does Hawaii’s Drivers Test Still Disenfranchise Immigrants?

Saturday, June 1

Want To Run For Congress? Political Insiders Only, Please

May 2013

Friday, May 31

DC808: On the Wire — Fly Away Home

Thursday, May 23

DC808: On the Wire — Sailing On Without Inouye

Wednesday, May 22

Did Hawaii’s Senate President Violate The State Ethics Code?

Monday, May 20

U.S. Army Ejects Big Island Democrats From Convention Site

Hawaii Bromance: Caldwell and Abercrombie

Saturday, May 18

Hawaii GOP: ‘Republicans Will Rise Again’

Thursday, May 16

DC808: On the Wire — A City Of Scandals

Tuesday, May 14

Free Parking: Should Lawmaker Let Lobbyist Use His Capitol Space?

Monday, May 13

Oahu Democrats: Female Hawaii Monarchs Dissed In Favor Of Good Friday

Saturday, May 11

Oahu Democrats Pick Up Dan Inouye’s Torch

Thursday, May 9

DC808: On The Wire — OHA: President Obama Needs Our Help

Tuesday, May 7

Playing Hooky At The Hawaii Legislature

Monday, May 6

Hawaii GOP Legislators Fail To Get Caucus Bills Passed

Saturday, May 4

Senate Race Just Begun, But It’s All About Inouye

Friday, May 3

DC808: On The Wire — Colleen Hanabusa: ‘I Am The One’

Thursday, May 2

Session Done, But Is Hawaii Speaker Consolidating Power?

Med School Puts Best Face Forward To Lawmakers

April 2013

Monday, April 29

Of Wheel Boots, Tow Trucks and FrankenBills

Gov. Neil Abercrombie: ‘Let’s Move Forward’

Saturday, April 27

House Kills Geothermal ‘FrankenBill’ Favored By Hawaii Senate

Friday, April 26

Some Good Government Bills Still Alive

Thursday, April 25

DC808: On the Wire — The Amazing Race

Cash Call: Sen. Hee Holds Fundraiser During Session

Handicapping The Race To Replace Hanabusa

Wednesday, April 24

Cash Call: Sen. Galuteria Holds Fundraiser During Session

National Political Analysts Give Schatz The Edge

Tuesday, April 23

Emergency Contraception ‘The Right Thing To Do’

Monday, April 22

Bills Gone Wild: Frankenstein And Gut-N-Replace At The Capitol

Friday, April 19

DC808: On the Wire — A Tough Week For Gun Control Supporters

Thursday, April 18

Schatz Federal Campaign Report: A Who’s Who Of Hawaii’s Biggest Names

Who Can Survive On The Minimum Wage?

Monday, April 15

Government Transparency Bill Hung Up On Release Of Proprietary Information

Sunday, April 14

The Last Campaign

Friday, April 12

DC808: On the Wire — The D.C. Money Game

Thursday, April 11

Valley Island Welcomes Gov’s Cabinet With Aloha

Wednesday, April 10

Hawaii Senate Bill Sidesteps Public Input

Monday, April 8

Check, Please: Hawaii Legislators Raising Money During Session

Friday, April 5

Waiting For Colleen

DC808: On the Wire — North Korea: Time To Duck And Cover?

‘Lessons Learned’ From Oahu Prison Escape

Wednesday, April 3

Former Mortgage Task Force Member Still Wants Ethics Cover

Monday, April 1

Officials: Hawaii Courts Not Clogged With Pot Cases

March 2013

Friday, March 29

Hawaii Prison Population Drops 5 Percent

DC808: On the Wire — A Supreme Battle Over Gay Marriage

Wednesday, March 27

Hakuna Matata: Hawaii Redux

Monday, March 25

State Senators Want Gay Marriage Impact Study

Political Enmity? Calvin Say Hires Scott Saiki’s GOP Opponent

Sunday, March 24

Monsanto Notches Another Victory In GMO Fight

Friday, March 22

GMO? Hawaii Lawmakers Elect To Study The Issue

Thursday, March 21

DC808: On the Wire — Will She Run?

Wednesday, March 20

OHA Trustee Says $21M Property Deal Was Shady

Monday, March 18

Hawaii Fight Over GMO Labeling Turns Ugly

Friday, March 15

DC808: On the Wire — Live Long And Prosper

Solomon: Hawaii ‘On The Verge Of Bankruptcy’

Wednesday, March 13

Cash Call: Sen. Kidani Holds Fundraiser During Session

Tuesday, March 12

You Say You Want A Resolution

March 12 — At The Legislature

Saturday, March 9

DC808: On the Wire — Splitting The Vote

Thursday, March 7

Is This A More Progressive Hawaii Legislature?

Wednesday, March 6

Pine: Leeward Coast Has Longest Commute Times

Tuesday, March 5

A Good Day For Good Government, Mostly

Friday, March 1

Does Faye Hanohano Have A Point?

February 2013

Thursday, February 28

U.S. House Passes Violence Against Women Act

Wednesday, February 27

Want To Run For The Legislature? Better Live In Your District

Friday, February 22

Breaking The Cycle Of Money And Politics

Cash Call: Sen. Kidani Holds Fundraiser During Session

Thursday, February 21

Hands Off! Bill Bars Candidates From Touching Voters’ Ballots

Wednesday, February 20

Impeach Hawaii’s Governor? State Senate Establishes Causes

Tuesday, February 19

Show Us The Money: Bill Calls For Early Financial Disclosure

Monday, February 18

DC808: On the Wire — Tulsi Gabbard’s Fight

Friday, February 15

House Speaker On The PLDC: ‘It Was A Mistake’

Thursday, February 14

Bill Aims To Prevent Candidates From ‘Helping’ Voters Fill Out Ballots

Monday, February 11

Pupus and Politics: It’s That Time of Year at the Hawaii Capitol

Sunday, February 10

PLDC: Fix It, Kill It, Or Try Something New?

Saturday, February 9

DC808: On the Wire — Hirono Talks Priorities

Friday, February 8

Blockbuster Stores: And Then There Were Three

Thursday, February 7

Justice Denied: Lawmakers Won’t Listen, So Chief Justice Tries YouTube

Tuesday, February 5

Movers, Shakers Give Big To Gov’s Re-Election, But Labor Support Soft

Monday, February 4

Abercrombie: 10 Percent Of Hawaii Residents Are Veterans

Friday, February 1

DC808: On The Wire — The Schatz Interview

January 2013

Thursday, January 31

Rape Victim Emergency Care Tops Women’s Caucus Agenda

Paparazzi In Hawaii? Dream On!

Wednesday, January 30

Outside Funding Is Helping Keep Hawaii’s East-West Center Afloat

Monday, January 28

Chance ‘Em, Brah: Is This The Year For Gambling?

Friday, January 25

Gay Marriage Bills, Pro And Con, Before Lawmakers

Thursday, January 24

Courage and Compassion With Aung San Suu Kyi

Wednesday, January 23

Political Musical Chairs? Hawaii Gov. Abercrombie Fills All The Seats

Abercrombie’s Jeopardy Challenge: What Is Uninspiring?

Tuesday, January 22

DC808: On The Wire — Going To The Inauguration

Friday, January 18

Sinners, Saints and Hawaii Government

Wednesday, January 16

A Hawaii House Still Divided?