Jason Armstrong

Jason Armstrong has reported extensively for both of Hawaii Island’s daily newspapers. He was a public information officer/grant writer for the Hawaii County Department of Parks and Recreation from 2012 to 2016 and has lived in Hilo since 1987. Email Jason at

August 2019

Thursday, August 22

Big Island: Sorely Needed Public Housing Set To Open After Toxic Soil Cleanup

July 2019

Thursday, July 18

Ige: No Additional National Guard Troops Coming To Mauna Kea

Another Day Of Waiting For Protesters, Authorities At Mauna Kea

Tuesday, July 16

All Observatory Staffers Evacuated As TMT Protest Continues

Monday, July 15

No Arrests And No Construction Convoy After A Day Of Protests

June 2019

Tuesday, June 25

Big Island: FEMA Wants Its Money Back For Aid To Volcano Victims

Monday, June 17

Big Island: Coping With The ‘Big Litter’ Of Abandoned Vehicles

May 2019

Monday, May 20

Big Island: How To Keep Tourists Coming After The Eruption

Monday, May 6

Big Island: Hawaii’s New Generation Of Women Canoe Carvers

Friday, May 3

Big Island: Lava Evacuees Are Moving Home Despite County’s Slow Pace

April 2019

Thursday, April 25

Big Island: Merrie Monarch Hula Festival Is A $6 Million Bonanza

Monday, April 22

Big Island: Sunscreen Ban May Come Too Late For Popular Snorkeling Spot

Thursday, April 18

Big Island: Specialty License Plates A Big Moneymaker For Damaged Park

Wednesday, April 17

Big Island: Airport-Style Security Comes To Hilo Hospital After Stabbings

March 2019

Friday, March 29

Big Island: ‘All This Crime Happening In My Backyard’

February 2019

Monday, February 11

Big Island: Loss Of Slaughterhouse Cripples Specialty Meat Industry

January 2019

Friday, January 25

Big Island: Hamakua Flood Victims Feel Overshadowed By Lava Disaster

Tuesday, January 22

Big Island: Hawaiians Step Up For Sacred Park In Face Of Shutdown

Wednesday, January 9

Big Island: Joining The Parade Of Counties That Are Raising Taxes

Wednesday, January 2

Big Island: The Vog Is Gone — For The First Time In Decades

December 2018

Thursday, December 27

Big Island: Making Food More Affordable For The Hungry

Wednesday, December 12

Big Island: County’s New Pitch To State Seeks $150M For Lava Damage

Friday, December 7

Big Island: Puna Park Cut Off By Lava Reopens, Attracting Hundreds

Wednesday, December 5

Big Island: This Showcase Rec Center Was Another Victim Of Eruptions

November 2018

Monday, November 26

Big Island: Proposed Biofuel Plant Faces $100M Deadline

Tuesday, November 20

Big Island: ‘Punatics’ Look To Start Rebuilding After The Lava Damage

Friday, November 9

Big Island: Vacation Rental Ban Could Be ‘The Final Death Blow’ For Puna

September 2018

Friday, September 28

Big Island: UH’s New Rules Would Bring Big Changes Atop Mauna Kea

Monday, September 24

Big Island: You Need To Be Tough To Explore These New Volcanic Beaches

Monday, September 17

Big Island: Waipio Valley’s Beauty, Danger And Uncertain Future

Friday, September 7

Big Island: Wood-Burning Power Plant Raises Environmental Concerns

August 2018

Thursday, August 30

Big Island: Am I A Criminal? Puna Councilwoman Questions Her Legitimacy

Saturday, August 25

Big Island: Dozens Rescued After 40-Plus Inches Of Rain

Friday, August 24

Big Island: Flooding Forces Rescues, Cuts Off Communities

Thursday, August 23

Big Island: A Windward Drenching, But No Wind Damage Yet

Wednesday, August 22

Disaster-Weary Big Island Braces For Lane’s First Effects

Monday, August 13

Big Island: Newly Elected Council Members Face A County In Turmoil

Thursday, August 2

Big Island: Hawaii’s Queen Bees Help Feed The World

July 2018

Friday, July 20

Big Island: Last Time Hawaii Had Lava Refugees, It Built A Ghost Town

Friday, July 13

Big Island: Does Anyone Really Miss The Puna Geothermal Plant?

Friday, July 6

Big Island: Why The State Wants You To Quit Driving To This Popular Beach

June 2018

Friday, June 29

Big Island: Tallying The Growing Cost Of A Multimillion-Dollar Eruption

Tuesday, June 19

Big Island: Council Rejects Tax Hike To Replace Revenue Lost To Eruption

Monday, June 18

Big Island: Hawaii’s Last Hippie Holdouts May Not Survive The Eruption

Monday, June 4

Big Island: Volcano Evacuees Create ‘A Community Within A Community’

May 2018

Wednesday, May 30

Lava Speeds Up And Forces More Evacuations As Despair Grows

Friday, May 25

Kilauea Eruption Wreaks Havoc On Farms In Several Ways

Friday, May 18

Big Island: It’s Nearly Impossible To Find A Place To Rent These Days

Wednesday, May 16

Big Island: The Volcano Is Wiping Out Property Values And County Coffers

Tuesday, May 8

Big Island: Everyone’s Talking About Pele The Fire Goddess

Friday, May 4

Resilience In The Face Of Lava And An Uncertain Future

Thursday, May 3

Big Island: When You Live In A Volcano’s Shadow, You Go With The Flow

April 2018

Monday, April 30

Big Island: The Days Are Numbered For These Lava Flow Vendors

Tuesday, April 24

Big Island: UH Hilo Enrollment Plunges Even As Campus Grows

Friday, April 20

Big Island: Saving Reefs One Sunscreen Container At A Time

Friday, April 13

Big Island: Gun-Surrender Laws Don’t Reassure This Doctor After Death Threats

March 2018

Thursday, March 29

Big Island: Local TV Is Getting Bigger and Bolder

Friday, March 9

Jason Armstrong: Big Island Mayor Can’t Seem To Stop Raising Taxes

February 2018

Friday, February 16

Jason Armstrong: Hawaii Island’s ‘Oasis’ Of Affordable Homes

January 2018

Friday, January 12

Jason Armstrong: The Graying Of The Big Island

December 2017

Thursday, December 14

Jason Armstrong: Why The Long Wait For Overnight Lodging On Mauna Kea?

November 2017

Monday, November 20

Jason Armstrong: Little Fire Ants Are On The March In Hawaii

October 2017

Tuesday, October 31

Jason Armstrong: Trucking Trash All The Way Across The Big Island

Friday, October 13

Jason Armstrong: Bongs And Bare Breasts Outnumber Cellphones At This Beach