Katherine Poythress

UPDATE: Five Public Schools Going Solar

The solar panels, to be installed by Dec. 2010, could save the department up to $3,700 per school each year.

UPDATE: Read Teachers Union Contract On Civil Beat

The Department of Education put off our requests for the teachers union contract, so we got it from a Civil Beat member instead.

UPDATE: Confusion Over Impact Of November Election On Appointed Ed Board

If voters pass the amendment for an appointed board of education, six newly elected board of education members also on the November ballot could lose their jobs even before they're seated.

Feds: Union Wrong, Teachers Can Work Legally For Free

The U.S. Department of Labor says teachers wouldn't be breaking any federal labor laws by volunteering on Furlough Fridays.

Discussion: Furlough Fridays

Lessons For Our Children From Furlough Fridays ARTICLES: Feds: Union Wrong, Teachers Can Work Legally For Free How…

UPDATE: Tax-Exempt Bonds Help Private Schools Make Campus Improvements

Gov. Lingle authorized the release of up to $20 million in special-purpose revenue bonds to Kaimuki Christian School.

UPDATE: Are Our Attempts at Education Reform the Right Approach?

In a new book, an education historian says many of our ideas for improving student achievement fall far short of effecting any real change.

UPDATE: High School Students Commit to Pursuing New Advanced Diploma

More than 2,200 of Hawaii's public high school students have signed the "Step Up" pledge to exceed the state's standard graduation requirements.

UPDATE: Vast Majority of Local School Boards in U.S. Elected

Before Hawaii makes a decision about an appointed versus elected board of education: What are other districts doing?