Robert Brown

Caldwell: I Jump-started The Rail Debate

The acting mayor says that during his time in the state House, he was responsible for rekindling the debate on rail.

Carlisle: Half of Union Carpenters Unemployed

The mayoral candidate says that 50 percent of unionized carpenters can't find work given the slow economy.

Carlisle: Commute From Kapolei Takes Three Hours

The former prosecutor said that it isn't "unusual" for residents in Kapolei to get up at 4:15 in the morning and not make it to downtown Honolulu before 7:45. Is it really a three-hour commute?
Rail Divides Council Candidates

Rail Divides Council Candidates

FIRST IN A SERIES: Half of the candidates tell Civil Beat they're for it. The other half? They're not so sure.

Caldwell: Hawaii Constitution Bans Nuclear Power

The acting mayor says that the state of Hawaii has a constitutional amendment that "bans nuclear power generation." True?

Kaneshiro: I Will Use Nuisance Abatement and Asset Forfeiture Laws to Fight Drugs

Former city prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro, who's running for his old office in the Sept. 18 primary, promises to use two laws as tools to fight the drug problem. But are his ideas already in use by Honolulu prosecutors?

Ching: Community Search Warrants Best Option in Fight Against Drugs

Darwin Ching, candidate for Honolulu city prosecutor, says that with his "community prosecution approach," he would be able to shut down drug houses withing months, instead of years. Possible?
Prevedouros: City Spending $3 Million to Demolish Zoo Kiosk

Prevedouros: City Spending $3 Million to Demolish Zoo Kiosk

The UH engineering professor said that Honolulu is spending $3 million to demolish a kiosk outside the Honolulu Zoo and replace it with a sign — an example of the city mismanaging taxpayer dollars. Sound crazy to you? Us too.

Hannemann: City Council Never Overrode a Veto

The former mayor compared his record with vetoes at City Hall to Gov. Linda Lingle's record at the Capitol. He said that in his five years in office, he never had one of his vetoes overridden.