Robert Brown

Prevedouros: Trash Solution is Simple – Send it Back to Mainland in Empty Shipping Containers

The UH engineering professor says that trash is one of Honolulu's "most solvable problems." Prevedouros argues that empty shipping containers heading back to the mainland can play a key role as vessels for city garbage. But is his solution realistic? Or even possible?

Caldwell: Honolulu Will Spend $150 Million Paving Roads This Year

Mayoral candidate Kirk Caldwell says that Honolulu will have spent $150 million paving city roads by the end of the year. We've driven the roads here and wonder whether that could really be true.

Caldwell: Property Taxes and Fees Are Tapped Out

The acting mayor says that Honolulu's government has levied property taxes on "everyone" it could and raised fees as high as it can. Really? Civil Beat investigated the issue.

Caldwell: ‘The Number One Job of the City is To Create Jobs for All of Us.’

The acting mayor says that the main function of Honolulu's government is to provide jobs for its citizens. Civil Beat looked at the Honolulu City Charter to see if that's what the city's founders had in mind.

Carlisle: We Need Fewer Jobs in the Government Sector

Mayoral candidate Peter Carlisle told a debate audience that he's for keeping government lean. As Honolulu prosecutor, is that what he did?

Carlisle: When I Came In, Crime Was Intolerable

Mayoral candidate Peter Carlisle says that when he was first elected as city prosecutor in 1996, Honolulu crime rates were at an "unbelievably intolerable level." Civil Beat looked at this claim to see just how bad things were during the '90's.

Abercrombie: Hannemann Left Honolulu in ‘Worst Financial Position of Any City I Can Imagine’

Former Congressman Neil Abercrombie says his Democratic rival Mufi Hannemann left Honolulu in dire financial shape. But is Honolulu really worse off than cities like Detroit?

Consider Caldwell ‘Consulted’

Civil Beat takes a look at how the mayoral candidates have raised money this election season — and how they've spent it. Carlisle and Caldwell are racing ahead financially while Prevedouros and Tam struggle to stay afloat.

Hannemann: Labor King?

Mufi Hannemann says he's the governor candidate with the most labor endorsements. Civil Beat counts 'em up.