Robert Brown

December 2010

Thursday, December 30

Stories From the Fact Check Beat – 2010 Recycled

Thursday, December 23

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 23

Tuesday, December 21

Hawaii’s War: National Guard, Reservists Face Hardships at Home

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 21

Heavy Union Influence in Honolulu City Council Race

Thursday, December 16

Court Takes New Tack with Public Records

Tuesday, December 14

Djou: Micronesians Consume 20 Percent of Social Service Resources

Abercrombie: Hawaii Needs Federal Help After Micronesian Ruling

UPDATE: Full Health Benefits Restored for Micronesians

Monday, December 13

Sex Still Very Much for Sale on Craigslist

Thursday, December 9

How Independent is Honolulu’s Ethics Commission?

Tuesday, December 7

Gov Considered Eric Seitz for Attorney General

Monday, December 6

Lingle: Welfare Rolls Decreased 40 Percent Under My Watch

Wednesday, December 1

Abercrombie Will Have Exceptional Power

November 2010

Tuesday, November 30

Abercrombie Inherits Pile of Lawsuits

Tuesday, November 23

Cachola: One Change to Council Resolution and It’s Finished

Selling Sex in Honolulu: The Sentences

Sunday, November 21

Selling Sex in Honolulu: Prostitution Busts for Men Turn Up Mostly Locals, Few Tourists

Selling Sex in Honolulu: Police Focus Prostitution Arrests on Women, Not Men

Saturday, November 20

Abercrombie: Nonprofits Aren’t Providing Case Management and Support for Veterans

Abercrombie: Hawaii Has Not Taken Advantage of Federal Per Diem Program

Thursday, November 18

Inside Honolulu: Nov. 18

Selling Sex in Honolulu: Unlicensed Massage Parlors Lack Enforcement Scrutiny

Tuesday, November 16

Abercrombie: Intent of Rainy Day Fund to Stabilize State Welfare Programs

Monday, November 15

Government Waste Watch: State Paying Staff to Retype Every Food Stamp Application

Wednesday, November 10

All Races Settled: There Will Be No Recounts

Carlisle: New Buses Both Green and Cost-Effective

Friday, November 5

Abercrombie: If Rail EIS Done Correctly, I’m Obligated to Sign it

Elections Dim Outlook of Akaka Bill — and Akaka?

Thursday, November 4

Lack of Hot Water For Public Housing Residents a Test for Abercrombie

Wednesday, November 3

Recount Requests Possible in Two Races

October 2010

Friday, October 29

Hanabusa: Stimulus Created 1,931 Direct Jobs in Hawaii

Djou: 250K Spent on Attack Ads Against Hanabusa, Million Plus Against Me

Wednesday, October 27

Office of Housing: Take 2

Tuesday, October 26

Turbin Ups the Ante In Council Race, Loans Himself 136K In October

19,000 Knocks Lift Chang to the Top

Djou: I Vote With Democrats 62 Percent of the Time

Monday, October 25

Carlisle Says ‘No’ to New Office of Housing

Sunday, October 24

Hawaii Pro Football League: For the Love of the Game

Thursday, October 21

Hanabusa: Djou Sent Four Fliers In First 23 Days in Congress

Tuesday, October 19

Election Office Breaches Confidentiality of Voters

Council Reverses Course on Higher Taxes for Ohana Housing

Monday, October 18

Absentee Ballot Requests for General Election Already Eclipse Primary

Thursday, October 14

The Anti-Homeless Bill That Dare Not Say Its Name

Wednesday, October 13

Abercrombie: Federal Money Could Have Stopped Furlough Fridays

Djou: Democrats Are Pushing Largest Tax Increase in History

Tuesday, October 12

Hanabusa: GM Has Paid Off Its Bailout Debt

Monday, October 11

Aiona: Every Gov Since Ariyoshi Has Asked for Audit of DOE

Friday, October 8

Schatz: Hawaii Missed Out On $20 Million Per Year for Medicaid Reimbursements

Thursday, October 7

Aiona: ‘We’ve Never Talked About Student Achievement’

Abercrombie: Hawaii Public Utilities Commission Has Months-Long Backlog

Wednesday, October 6

Abercrombie: Hawaii Has Half a Billion in Unspent Stimulus Money

Police Question Enforceability of Sidewalk Plan

September 2010

Thursday, September 30

Aiona: Affordable Care Act Will Strain State Budget

Abercrombie: I Helped Start Healthy Start

Monday, September 27

Aiona: 10 Percent Increase In Locally Grown Food Will Generate $188 Million, Create 2,300 Jobs

Thursday, September 23

Abercrombie: I Secured $600 Million to Offset Impact of Compact Migrants

Aiona: Tort Reform Drove Down Health-Care Costs, Brought Back Docs

Tuesday, September 21

Djou: “I Have Never Voted For a Tax Increase”

Hanabusa: I Exposed Waste and Fraud in Special Education

Monday, September 20

Abercrombie: “We Did Well in Republican Areas”

Aiona: Republicans on the Rise

Friday, September 17

Honolulu Prosecutor Race: In With the Old

City Council Races: Bring on the General Election!

Thursday, September 16

Financial Momentum = Kirk Caldwell

Monday, September 13

Hannemann: $280 million in New Spending on Two Pages of Abercrombie Plan

Abercrombie: Religious Flier Distorts My Record

Friday, September 10

Kaneshiro: Honolulu Domestic Violence Murders Rising

Ching: Hawaii Crime on the Rise

Thursday, September 9

Hannemann: Abercrombie Rated 30 Percent Positive By U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Kaneshiro Emerges as Fundraising Force in Prosecutor’s Race

Council Candidates Emerge as Financial Front-Runners

Wednesday, September 8

Caldwell: Carlisle’s Spending as Prosecutor “Out of Control”

Friday, September 3

Caldwell: Honolulu to Collect $300 Million on Interest for Rail

Kaneshiro Stands Alone on Human Trafficking Law

Thursday, September 2

Prosecutor Candidates On How They’d Change The Office

Wednesday, September 1

Aiona: Only Candidate to Take Notice of Small Business?

Council Candidates Offer Trash Solutions

August 2010

Tuesday, August 31

Abercrombie: It’s Love-Hate With

Hannemann: Environmental Impact Statements Average 14 Years

Council Candidates Focus on Infrastructure

Monday, August 30

Discussion: Honolulu City Council Election 2010

Saturday, August 28

Council Candidates Discuss Homelessness

Friday, August 27

Carlisle: I’m No Elephant

Thursday, August 26

Prevedouros: Water Mains Break Daily

Caldwell: H-Power Adding 500 New Jobs

Caldwell: I Jump-started The Rail Debate

Carlisle: Half of Union Carpenters Unemployed

Wednesday, August 25

Carlisle: Commute From Kapolei Takes Three Hours

Tuesday, August 24

Rail Divides Council Candidates

Thursday, August 19

Caldwell: Hawaii Constitution Bans Nuclear Power

Kaneshiro: I Will Use Nuisance Abatement and Asset Forfeiture Laws to Fight Drugs

Ching: Community Search Warrants Best Option in Fight Against Drugs

Tuesday, August 17

Prevedouros: City Spending $3 Million to Demolish Zoo Kiosk

Friday, August 13

Hannemann: City Council Never Overrode a Veto

Wednesday, August 11

Prevedouros: Trash Solution is Simple – Send it Back to Mainland in Empty Shipping Containers

Caldwell: Honolulu Will Spend $150 Million Paving Roads This Year

Caldwell: Property Taxes and Fees Are Tapped Out

Caldwell: ‘The Number One Job of the City is To Create Jobs for All of Us.’

Carlisle: We Need Fewer Jobs in the Government Sector

Monday, August 9

Carlisle: When I Came In, Crime Was Intolerable

Thursday, August 5

Abercrombie: Hannemann Left Honolulu in ‘Worst Financial Position of Any City I Can Imagine’

Consider Caldwell ‘Consulted’

Hannemann: Labor King?

Wednesday, August 4

Council Candidates Raise Half Million

Hannemann on Endorsements by Business Groups

Monday, August 2

Discussion: Honolulu City Prosecutor Election 2010

Pacarro Has Fundraising Lead in Prosecutor’s Race

Hannemann: I take ‘600,000 tons of stuff’ and power 40,000 homes with it

July 2010

Saturday, July 31

Hannemann: I’m the Only Candidate Who’s Lived and Worked on Neighbor Islands

Friday, July 30

Donovan Dela Cruz Drops Out of Mayoral Race

Thursday, July 29

Discussion: Public Housing Safety

Curfew to Lead to New State Rules for Public Housing

Thursday, July 22

Honolulu Mayoral Election Set for Sept. 18

Friday, July 16

Football Victories to Determine UH Debt Payments

Thursday, July 15

UH Manoa Athletic Department: What $10 Million?

Wednesday, July 14

UH Student Groups Balk at Proposed Athletic Fee

June 2010

Friday, June 4

Discussion: University Of Hawaii Athletic Department

UH Athletics Outpaces WAC, But Still Finds Itself In $10 Million Hole