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Rui Kaneya

Rui Kaneya is an investigative reporter for Civil Beat.

December 2015

Wednesday, December 23

Should State Profit From Exorbitant Cost Of Prison Phone Calls?

Tuesday, December 22

Homeless Move A Few Feet To Avoid First The State, Then The City

Monday, December 21

City Crew To Sweep Kakaako — Again

Wednesday, December 16

Caldwell: Honolulu On Right Track In Tackling Homelessness

Monday, December 14

In Kakaako Parks, State Wades Into Thorny Issue of Property Confiscation

Wednesday, December 9

State Gears Up To Sweep Homeless Encampments At Kakaako Parks

Monday, December 7

Kinder, Gentler Sweeps Of Honolulu’s Homeless?

Tuesday, December 1

Hawaii Officials Begin Converting Kakaako Shed Into Homeless Shelter

November 2015

Tuesday, November 24

Feds: Big Island Coffee Farmer Paid Migrant Pickers 40 Cents A Pound

Thursday, November 19

Sand Island Facility Opens Its Doors To The Homeless

City Agrees Not to Throw Out ‘Personal Property’ During Homeless Sweeps

Wednesday, November 18

Willing To Foot The Bill To Help Hawaii’s Homeless Families

Thursday, November 12

‘Zero’ Veteran Homelessness In Virginia

Tuesday, November 10

Hawaii’s Veterans Are Among Top Earners

Friday, November 6

Bedbugs Infest Oahu Jail — Again

Thursday, November 5

Hawaii Is Spending Tens Of Millions To Lock Up Low-Level Drug Offenders

Wednesday, November 4

Keep What You Sweep, Homeless Plaintiffs Urge City In New Motion

Monday, November 2

Obama Calls For Help For Offenders

Phoning Home From Prison: Excessive Prices Will Be Reined In

October 2015

Monday, October 26

State To Clear Out Homeless Encampments At Kakaako, Kewalo Parks

Friday, October 23

Hawaii Drug Offenders To Be Freed Early In Federal Sentencing Overhaul

Wednesday, October 21

Hawaii Panel to Keep Prisoners From Reoffending Does Nothing — And Never Has

Friday, October 16

Hawaii Governor Declares State of Emergency for Homelessness

Friday, October 9

Updated: Sweeps to Resume Tuesday

Many of Kakaako’s Homeless Are Not Shelter-Bound

Thursday, October 8

Will the Sit-Lie Ban Cost Agencies Trying to Help Honolulu’s Homeless?

Wednesday, October 7

Kakaako Encampment Braces for the Final Sweeps

Monday, October 5

Here’s What Homeless People Have to Do to Get Their Property Back

September 2015

Wednesday, September 30

Tourism Money to Fly Away the Homeless

Tuesday, September 29

Treating Hawaii’s Sex Offenders: ‘Here, We Don’t Give Up on People’

Monday, September 28

Is the City Violating the Law in Destroying Homeless People’s Property?

Tuesday, September 22

Federal Judge Refuses to Immediately Halt Honolulu Homeless Sweeps

Monday, September 21

Motion Seeks Immediate Halt to Sweeps

Thursday, September 17

City Sweeps Another Stretch of Kakaako Homeless Encampment

Honolulu Plans Modular Housing in Waianae

Wednesday, September 16

Lawsuit Filed Over Seizure of Homeless People’s Property

Monday, September 14

Honolulu Plans Second Sweep in Kakaako

Sunday, September 13

Is Help With the Rent an Answer to Homelessness?

Tuesday, September 8

Honolulu Launches First Phase of Homeless Enforcement in Kakaako

Thursday, September 3

How Do You House the Homeless When No One Wants Them Nearby?

Tuesday, September 1

Ige’s Team to Relocate All Homeless Families From Kakaako by the End of Year

August 2015

Thursday, August 27

Caldwell: Honolulu to Resume ‘Phased Enforcement’ at Kakaako Encampment

Wednesday, August 26

Ige’s Team Cuts Kakaako’s Homeless Population by 10 Percent

Tuesday, August 25

Honolulu Beaches Remain Closed Pending Water Test Results

Inmate Work Furlough Program: Statistical Success or a Public Danger?

Thursday, August 20

Gabbard Says She’s Open to Possibility of Running for Vice President

Monday, August 17

Ige’s Team Considers Converting Kakaako Shed Into Temporary Shelter

What’s Happening to Hawaii’s Push for Criminal Justice Reform?

Friday, August 14

Death of Hawaii Prisoner in Arizona Prison Is Ruled a Homicide

Tuesday, August 11

New Ad Campaign Launched In Hawaii to Back Iran Accord

Monday, August 10

Ige Taps Leading Advocate to Be His Homelessness Coordinator

Friday, August 7

Death of Hawaii Prisoner Under Investigation at Arizona Prison

Wednesday, August 5

City Council Passes Bill That Could Target Kapalama Canal Encampment

Tuesday, August 4

The Homeless: Easier to Say Where They Shouldn’t Be

Monday, August 3

Ige: Number of Hawaii Prisoners Incarcerated in Arizona Will Go Up Before it Goes Down

July 2015

Tuesday, July 28

City Won’t Acquire Hilo Hattie Property for Homeless Shelter

Monday, July 27

Ige Creates a New Leadership Team to Tackle Homelessness

Friday, July 24

Pro-Israel Lobby Fills Hawaii’s TV Airtime to Push Against Iran Deal

Thursday, July 23

Tom Brower to Press Charges Against Homeless Teens in Kakaako

Wednesday, July 22

Endless Sweep: City Keeps Rousting Homeless at a Cost of $750,000 a Year

Friday, July 10

VA Secretary to Landlords: Pitch in to Help End Veteran Homelessness

Wednesday, July 8

HCDA Hears Tenant Concerns About the Homeless in Kakaako

Tuesday, July 7

Hawaii’s Fiscal Fitness: 11th Worst in the Nation

Monday, July 6

Will the Hammer Fall on Homeless Encampment in Kakaako?

Thursday, July 2

IHS Gets Contract to Operate Sand Island Facility for Homeless

June 2015

Tuesday, June 30

Why Did Tom Brower’s Visit to Homeless Encampment End in Violence?

‘One-of-a-Kind’: Woman Runs Her Own Homeless Shelter

Monday, June 29

Homeless Czar Gets One-Month Contract Extension

Thursday, June 18

Hawaii’s Homeless Population Continues to Surge

Partisan Fight Erupts in US Senate Over the Defense Budget

Homeless Czar Has Been in Limbo for 6 Months, But the End May Be Near

Monday, June 15

Honolulu Makes Top 10 Among Big Cities for Job Hunting

Revised Sand Island Plan for Homeless Borrows From a Mainland Model

UH Study: City’s Recent Moves Aren’t Curbing Homelessness

Wednesday, June 3

Honolulu City Council Will Keep Pushing to Move the Homeless Along

Monday, June 1

Want to Fill Up Your Homeless Shelter? Ditch Some of the Rules

May 2015

Friday, May 22

Takai Joins a Push to Support New Mothers at Airports

Thursday, May 21

Honolulu Mayor Vetoes Latest Sit-Lie Bill

Wednesday, May 20

Can Honolulu’s Sit-Lie Ban Pass Constitutional Muster?

Friday, May 15

US House Passes a Sweeping Defense Policy Bill

Thursday, May 14

Record Number of Votes Cast in Neighborhood Board Elections

Tuesday, May 12

The Barack Obama Foundation Promises a ‘Lasting Presence’ in Honolulu

Mayor Caldwell Calls Off Kakaako Homeless Sweeps

How Can ‘Housing First’ Work When the Housing Isn’t There?

Tuesday, May 5

Schatz and Hirono Call for Stronger Monitoring of Birth-Control Mandate

Hirono Releases Her ‘Top 10’ Critique of the GOP Budget

April 2015

Thursday, April 30

Hawaii Loses Its Bid for Obama Library

Study: Big-Time Political Spending Came from Elite Donors

Wednesday, April 29

DHHL Told to Clean Up Wastes at Former Race Track Site

Geothermal Developer Denies Fraud in Response to Whistleblower Lawsuit

Monday, April 27

Roll Call: Hawaii’s DC Delegation Packs the Least Punch

Friday, April 24

Battle Over Geothermal Contract Plays Out in Court and at PUC

Monday, April 20

More Federal Funds to End Homelessness Among Vets

Suit Alleging Massive Fraud Includes Hawaii Geothermal Plant

Wednesday, April 15

New Report Estimates More Taxes From Undocumented Immigrants

Monday, April 13

Could Hawaii Geothermal Plant Become a Windfall for Public?

Tuesday, April 7

A Cultural Exchange Program or a Ticket to Sweatshop Labor?

March 2015

Tuesday, March 24

Housing Program for Homeless Veterans Hits a Snag in Hawaii

Monday, March 16

Krishna Cult Rumors Still Dog Tulsi Gabbard

February 2015

Friday, February 27

No Political Pedigree: Can Gabbard’s Top Advisor Succeed in D.C.?

Tuesday, February 24

Eyebrow Raiser: Tulsi Gabbard’s New Chief of Staff Baffles Political Insiders