Civil Beat Staff

The Civil Beat Staff

[VIDEO] Great White Shark Circles Fishing Boat Off Kaena Point

A local fisherman captured great video showing a 15-foot great white shark off circling their boat about five miles off Yokohama…

Inouye Endorses Mark Takano

Sen. Daniel Inouye is endorsing California Democrat Mark Takano in his bid for the U.S. House. If Takano wins, he’ll…
A Case For Online Learning — Especially with New Curriculum Standards Texelart - Fotolia

A Case For Online Learning — Especially with New Curriculum Standards

You can’t replace the personal interactions between teacher and student, but there’s something to be said for online courses. Especially…

Peek At Rep. Hirono’s Daily Planner

Here are a couple of the items on Rep. Mazie Hirono‘s agenda today, according to a spokeswoman in Hirono’s office: …

Fact Check Report Card: Winning Candidates Spoke Most Truthfully

Analysis of Civil Beat Fact Checks shows candidates who won governor, mayoral and 1st Congressional District races were found to have spoken truthfully most often.

Aiona: My ‘Only Involvement’ With Harvest Evangelism’s Ed Silvoso Was at Argentina Conference

A review by Civil Beat casts doubt on lieutenant governor's assertion that his only involvement with the founder and president of Harvest Evangelism was at 2006 meeting.

Hawaii’s Highest Paid State Employees

Eight of the top 11 highest paid employees are in positions created in response to a court order to improve mental health services. The salaries of the 10 highest paid state workers range from $254,610 to $171,817.

Hawaii Links For Friday, June 18

Top of mind: the latest on who's running for office, the first mayoral debate and another gay-pride parade in Waikiki