More than two dozen Hawaii residents who traveled to China before or during the current coronavirus outbreak are staying home and monitoring their health.

No cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in Hawaii.

But as of Monday, 26 people are under self-quarantine after traveling elsewhere throughout China, said Lt. Gov. Josh Green who is currently acting governor.

About 26 people in Hawaii are staying home after traveling in China amid the coronavirus outbreak. Chad Blair/Civil Beat

Upon arrival at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, they were given a temperature log and told to stay home for 14 days to monitor themselves for symptoms. They are instructed to contact the Hawaii Department of Health should they fall ill.

The coronavirus has an incubation period that means symptoms may not show for as many as 14 days.

Only those who have traveled directly to Wuhan where the virus originated are subject to mandatory quarantine.

No patients in Hawaii have been placed under mandatory quarantine. Should there be a confirmed case, patients would be transferred to a quarantine station at the Pearl Harbor military base.

The coronavirus death toll surpassed 900 people on Monday. Only 12 cases have been confirmed in the U.S.

But on Monday, a cruise ship confirmed 20 Americans who remain quarantined on the boat off of the coast of Japan are infected.  One American died on Saturday in Wuhan, China.

Since Jan. 29 the U.S. State Department has evacuated about 850 people, most of them U.S. citizens.

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