Alexander & Baldwin said Friday that it is exploring ways to preserve the Pali Lanes building, “keep bowling in Kailua and make the surrounding area a vibrant community gathering place, potentially with new uses and activities for local residents.”

That’s according to a press release. So is this:

“We’ve heard clearly from the community that it values the character and history of the Pali Lanes building, and that it wants to preserve the character of Kailua as much as possible. At the same time, we’ve heard that enhanced walkability, safety and community amenities are desired, and that many want bowling to remain a part of Kailua. Our intention is to find a way to meet these varied goals in a viable and sustainable manner,” said Chris Benjamin, A&B President and CEO.

Alexander Baldwin President CEO Chris Benjamin at room 423, Capitol regarding Maui’s opening of water diversions being restored. 20 april 2016

Alexander & Baldwin President and CEO Chris Benjamin in 2016.

Cory Lum/Civil Beat

A&B said it is working with the owners of Pali Lanes “to explore the long-term viability of their operation.”

Here’s more:

“In addition, A&B will reach out to other potential bowling operators and evaluate complementary activities and uses. Given the long history of struggling bowling operations in the state, complementary uses are considered essential to economic viability of the facility. As this process progresses, Pali Lanes will be offered a continuing lease for the facility.”

The company said it has spent the past 18 months seeking community and business feedback. More such efforts will continue.

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