Celebrity news site The Blast has an interesting interview with Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman  about his involvement in helping look for Sol Pais, the 18-year-old Florida woman police said was obsessed with the Columbine High School mass shootings.

It’s the 20-year anniversary and authorities believed Pais was in Colorado to create her own incident. Numerous schools were put on lockdown, including, as the paper reported, the one attended by the Chapmans’ son, Garry.

Just as interesting, is a radio interview Chapman gave to The Fox radio station in Denver. Among other things, he discusses the very street-savvy things he looks for in tracking down suspects and others he’s been hired to find.

Do they smoke? Where do they buy cigarettes? Are they Walmart shoppers?

Chapman says he has retrieved 8,000 people over the 40 years he’s been doing it. He and his wife were actually also on their way to film an episode of their show in Colorado.

Pais was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in a hotel room outside Denver, according to news media accounts

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